She Says #003: Even more about what ladies wish men knew

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Being Friday, it's time for another installment of "She Says," bits of insights that I share each week about what ladies wish the guys knew in the dating scene. Usually, it's how you start things off that determine whether you get the second date, after all. So, I thought I'd pass along little jewels each week. Logical but useful nonetheless.

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Guys: feel free to chime in, too. If there are things you wish girls knew, that's fair game. It's all about mutual education here.

With that said, this week's "She Says" after the jump...

Don't Snub Her Friends: One of the best sources for a lady, when she's trying to decide if she'll date a guy, is the opinion of her friends, which is safe to say for many guys, too. Let's face it: many times, your friend's opinion matters. It's like validation, which is normal. So, why would it be unnatural to expect that a girl would appreciate another girl's opinion?

Simply put: if you like a girl, make sure to be nice to her friends too. You make a better impression that way and even more reason for her to go out with you again!

Until next time... Happy Dating!

Got any dating insights you wish potential dating prospects knew? Feel free to e-mail it to shesays [at] for inclusion in the next round! 

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