She Says #002: More dating insights ladies wish men knew

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So, my apologies for not including a "She Says" last week, as I got caught up in my work and life. However, I think these will happen on a rolling basis on alternate Fridays, unless there are burning ones that just have to be shared.

If you're just tuning in, here's the deal: based on conversations from my gals, I realized that there were just plain ol' tidbits ladies wish men knew in the early stages of the dating game that would ultimately make a difference as to whether any couple has a chance to move on. So to help guys navigate the single scene, I thought posting a few of those opinions and ideas would be fun and insightful, from the voices of plenty of awesome, great women. While the idea was to keep this from ladies to men, I am also open to posting what guys wish girls knew early on, that would have made a difference as to whether he called her or not.

That said, this week's "She Says," after the jump...

Chivalry is not dead: While sometimes, a little bit of "bad boy" at the core is a fun trait in a man, ladies know early on by a man's behavior whether they want to see him again. Does he hold open doors, ask his date whether she's comfortable, treat other people with courtesy? These things, while small, make a big deal and impression as to how he would treat his potential lady. And, a man that shows consideration in life can especially make a gal wonder if he's that giving when it comes to any type of intimacy or hooking up later. So, add that into your game and it may make a heck of a difference.

Laughter is the best medicine: While a mature guy is always sexy, a woman loves it when a man can make a joke every now and then to lighten the mood. It shows he's got a good spirit, can see the fun side of things and is interested in keeping his date entertained -- all major pluses if a second date is in the cards!

Until next time... Happy Friday! And hopefully it's a weekend of mingling and dating for you!

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