In a case of boy meets girl, attraction matters

side view of young man and young woman kissing at the bar

On a night out, it's not far-fetched to say that when a woman finds a guy she's physically attracted to, she's more than likely doing everything she can to make sure he knows she is into him. Have it be a smile or getting touchy feely, it's a matter of making sure he knows what's up... In turn, that would prompt him to take action. Hence, a connection is made.

However, when a girl doesn't like a guy, that's obvious too. And in those cases, it may be beneficial for a dude to step back and let her pursue what she wants as opposed to blocking her game while she's trying to work on someone she does want.

I would say that this is a nice summary of what took place this past weekend while hanging out with friends, old and new...

This past weekend, Marisol and I had a visiting friend, Cara, in town. Cara, high school friends with my cousin Liz, was in town for her friend's Darren's birthday.

After some baseball game watching (in a sweet set up thanks to Darren), we ended up heading up to the ever debaucheros Wrigleyville -- which, as Chicagoans know can be off-the-wall fun or... (Ahem) Interesting, depending on the mood.

Anyway, we ended up hitting up one popular spot in the area, Redmond's, having a good ol' time before we later migrated over to Moe's Cantina (the biggest single spot in that neighborhood, I promise you!). I had made it over there with Suzy and we were waiting for Marisol, Cara, Darren and the rest of the crew to join us. Soon they did and among them was one of Darren's friends, Jonathan, who had been interested in Marisol from earlier on in the day.

While at Moe's, we danced and were carrying on from the fun of the day. In time, two adorable boys in uniform ended up in our path and Marisol, Suzy and I ended up chatting with the guys. Marisol was clearly drawn to one of the Uniform Boys and chatted him up even more -- but not before Jonathan attempted to insert himself into the middle of the situation, in what seemed to be a vain attempt to block Uniform Boy #1 from getting to Marisol.

Suzy, Marisol and I noticed immediately, and shook our heads in amusement, recognizing this as a clear case of interference. But Marisol was set on her goal and by the end of the night, it couldn't have been more obvious who she had chosen.

Later, I found myself amused at his attempts. And, while I appreciated his ambition, I couldn't help but be disappointed by how he wasn't picking up on the signs, since Marisol seemed to be putting up road blocks all night. And while, he was dedicated to the cause of hooking up with her, it wasn't quite working.

Lesson here? When you're out, paying attention to the signs in any social scene (especially a huge, singles setting) can deflect any possibility of disappointment later. So, if a lady or guy is not responding, then don't ignore that. And, if she or he trying to get the attention of another person in your presence, I would say that it's pretty much guaranteed that nothing will. In which case, you should change targets and give yourself a chance to redirect your attention to someone else that may be more worth your time...

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