Dating site for virgins? In dating and love, it's not all about sex

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In this day and age, living in sexually liberal society, it's hard to imagine that very many people don't have some type of experience with sex. However, according to poll reported on ABC, it looks like three percent of the population can claim their "V" cards. It may not sound like a lot, but it's definitely a noteworthy number.

I guess some people found it compelling enough too, which will explain a website just for virgins, who are waiting until marriage to do the deed.

Called, the site is committed to uniting singles who believe in purity, and waiting until they've wed. And, there is a strict virgin-only policy, according to In searching across the net, I came across it and couldn't help but share.

Thinking about the fact that sex has become an increasingly normal part of a relationship (and I know it's something that matters to me), I couldn't imagine not being physical as part of any romantic partnership I enter.

Then I thought again. Being with someone that also believes in purity can create a deeper relationship, since you have no choice but to build on an emotional and spiritual connection, trusting in that to carry you through. And, well... It just requires a special kind of willpower and a commitment to growing together through other interest. Admirable, really.

So, what do you think? Do you think you would have the willpower to hold out?


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  • There may not be a lot of us anymore, but there are some. Some of us however dont necessarily force ourselves to be that way.

  • Force yourself to be that way? Can you expand on that a bit? Would love to get a little more insight into your thought process and belief behind it.

  • In reply to TheRelationshipDiva:

    Lol, well although I believe waiting is good practice it isnt like the opportunity for me comes up too often.

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