Chelsea Clinton "can do better"? In love & dating, everyone's got an opinion

CLINTON, NC - MAY 4:  Chelsea Clinton speaks at a rally in support of her mother, Hillary Clinton (D-Il) May 4, 2008 in Clinton, North Carolina. Voters in Indiana and North Carolina go to the primary polls May 6.    (Photo by Logan Mock-Bunting/Getty Images)

Let's face it: at some point many of us have looked at a couple and tried to decide how they ended up together. Or, we've assessed how compatible -- at the very least on a physical level -- we think they are, making sidebar commentary such as: Oh they're so cute... How did HE get her?... She's not THAT hot...

Sound familiar?

Now, it looks like there's an "organized" way to not only do this online but to do it with strangers -- AND those in the spotlight! Such as, say, Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mazvinsky, her soon-to-be husband.

While Clinton prepares for her nuptials later this week, it seems that users of dating site are having a little fun making their own decisions to determine whether the pair are a match. The results, so far, have been interesting...

As of yesterday morning, it looked like members of the site didn't agree on perfect:
out of 5,000 users from the dating & social networking site, less
than 20 percent thought the pair were a perfect match.
Alternatively, 47 percent of users thought Clinton could do better and
38 percent thought Mazvinsky could do better, totaling to a combined
85 percent that aren't convinced that the pair should be together.

The poll is part of a series that the website plans to do on famous couples, letting its community decide. Next on deck? Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston. (I can't WAIT to see how that one pans out.)

For the playful and fun website, it's a way to get a take on what the younger set thinks. However, this poll, on another level says a lot about how quick we are to make assessments about other people, temporarily forgetting that people can vibe for all sorts of other reasons. I mean, wouldn't someone be more attractive to you if you both enjoyed obsessing over episodes of Mad Men, Star Wars films, have a die hard addiction to the Cubs or loved eating peanut butter with their Oreos? I'd think so. Basically, the more two people can share, the hotter they would become to each other -- I would think.

Admittedly, while I was dating a couple of my now exes, I loved the compliments we got when people saw us together. It felt nice to know that they saw what I already knew. (And it looks like some studies have already proven that public opinion matters when it comes to making dating choices) Granted, we did share other interests that brought us together (besides the sex). But still -- it was a boost to know that to others, we "looked" good as a pair.

At the heart of it all,'s polls should be fun to check out, just to see what people think if nothing else. However, that said, in real life, it can be super easy to make a call without having all the facts. So next time you feel compelled to do it, it may be helpful to remember that what they share may have less to do with one superficial element and instead with a bunch of other ones that go beyond the surface. In turn, that CAN indeed make a person look a whole lot sexier, wouldn't you think?

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