The Relationship Diva is on ChicagoNow!

Moving boxes

Being new to the ChicagoNow community, I wanted to set myself up with a brief self-introduction post!

My name is Jenina and since some time in 2008, I've
taken my experiences, thoughts, opinions and lessons learned about
Chicago's dating scene and housed them all under a blog I called The
Relationship Diva. Now, I'm happy to bring that blog here, to the
ChicagoNow family!

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and I
look forward to connecting with you here! And, if you want to get a
sense of what to expect, I encourage you to check out the archived
blog here. It's kind of
a mix of story-telling, thinking out loud and lesson learning all
rolled into one. I'll also reference it from time to time, so I
definitely hope you'll browse through it.

One other thing: I make reference to lots of people throughout my experiences, and use aliases for all of them. It's my way of "protecting the innocent" while giving them lives of their own.

Rest assured ALL stories are real, though.

Once again, hello and thank you!

Signed, Jenina (a.k.a. "The RD")


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  • I totally didn't know that you were moving your blog to ChicagoNow! Very exciting. And let me be the first (in the comments section anyway) to say welcome!

  • In reply to JessicaDowney:

    Thanks so much for your note. Happy to be on here! I'm already enjoying it so this is going to be really awesome. :-)

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