A no-no in relationships? A baby with an ex, of course

close up view of a baby holding her mothers finger

There is no doubt that women can run entire households, companies and even countries. In fact, with the way women are kicking ass and taking names, I'm especially proud to be one. However, I've always felt (and call me a bit old school here) that when it came time to actually having a child, it would be with that guy that I loved and wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Sure, I sometimes make jokes to the contrary and I would raise one alone if life took it that way. But, at the end of the day, if I have a chance to have a child with someone, I'd want it to be with someone that I cared for, felt the same way about me and that I knew would be there tomorrow and many other tomorrows after that.

Sounds idealistic, right? But truth is, that these days, there's no
telling whether this kind of dream is possible. Not impossible, mind
you. Just not always possible...

Anyway, why did I go down this road? Well, just recently, I received a text message from an old "flame" of sorts -- one I've called "Casanova" in the past. This was a guy that could, with one look make me all sorts of week... Butterflies, the whole nine. In short, I was sprung.

In any case, things between took several weird turns -- from spending time together and hanging out in a very "couple-like" fashion, to the occasional hook-up and then sporadic text messages. The straw that broke the camel's back was when he tried to make one of my oldest college friends, Marisol*. After I confronted him, he seemed to try to get back into my good graces. But, I wasn't buckling.

In one the many sporadic text exchanges, he told me it was about time he considered kids and thought it would be a good idea, given how long we've known each other, to have a child together. Of course, I thought this was a joke. But apparently, he was serious.

Now, let's set aside the fact that I could never call him a boyfriend (after all, that is another issue entirely). Instead, let's consider the fact that this guy, who hasn't been too steady in my life asked me for one of the biggest commitments that can happen between any two people -- to bring a life into this world with him.

Regardless of why he asked or if this were a twisted joke (which I still kind of think is the case), the truth is, can you really bring a child into this world with someone you're not connected to?

Maybe, to some extent. I mean, people go to sperm banks all the time. But, when you're talking about two people that know each other and share a history... Well, that's a different situation. See, whether it's a best friend, husband, wife, whatever -- you're talking about someone with whom things run deep. Someone who will be around. Nice thought.

But for a situation like the one with the Casanova? No so much. Granted, they would be gorgeous children. However, without more than the physical binding us, then that isn't too promising, don't you think?

* = All characters and persons in my posts are referenced with aliases.

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