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Post 18 can be read here if you missed it…   Carl Wanderer had been convicted for the murder of his pregnant wife Ruth and had been given what the jury themselves termed a compromise guilty verdict. They debated up to 5:00 pm on a Friday before they settled on a 25 year sentence in the... Read more »

We Find the Defendant Guilty! But...

Blog post 16 can be viewed here if you missed it…   The trial for the murder of Ruth Wanderer saw the courtroom packed every day, shoulder to shoulder, with hundreds of ‘murder fans’ that had waited in line to get their seat at the trial. Beyond those in the Criminal Court building, the trial... Read more »

Carl Wanderer Is Doomed by a Love Letter at Trial

Post 15 can be read here if you missed it…   After Carl Wanderer had confessed to the murder of his pregnant wife, their unborn child and the Ragged Stranger, public scorn and condemnation of him was rife. When word came out that he had been dating a seventeen-year-old girl before and after his wife’s... Read more »

Murder in the Vestibule- Podcast Episode #2

The Mystery of the Ragged Stranger podcast Episode #1- A Prelude to Murder can be found here if you missed it…   This podcast aims to take a deep look, at what was one of Chicago’s most famous crimes. In 1920, on a quiet North Side street, three people entered a tiny vestibule of a... Read more »

Matson, Watson, and Reporters Solving Crimes

  Part 7 can be found here if you missed it… While the police went to track down the E. Masters lead with the John Robinson Circus, Chicago’s newspaper reporters were essentially tasked with chasing down another lead, Matson or Watson. The night of the murder dozens of police, reporters, and neighbors had gazed upon... Read more »

The Mystery of the Ragged Stranger

The Ragged Stranger was front page news coast to coast as the art above printed November 21, 1920 in The Washington Times attests. Who was the Ragged Stranger? Was Al Watson the Ragged Stranger? Or Eddie Ryan? Earl Masters? John Maloney? Earl Keesee? Joseph Ahrens? Was he a shell-shocked veteran? A scion of wealth? An... Read more »