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A Sheriff in Jail, an Impressive Family Tree, and More Tales from the Periphery of the Ragged Stranger Story

Our archives are here if you need to catch up… As we near the end of the Ragged Stranger story, there are a few characters that have been touched on in the story that merit having their tales told a little further. Today we’ll look at a few of them; Chicago Herald-Examiner reporter Charlie MacArthur, coroner Peter... Read more »

Carl, Ruth's Ghost, and the Other Denizens of Murderer's Row

If you need to catch up on the story, please check out our archives…   With Carl Wanderer sentenced to die on the gallows for murdering the Ragged Stranger, he was not sent back to the penitentiary in Joliet but was instead kept in Chicago in the Criminal Courts building at 54 west Hubbard. Much... Read more »

Deja Vu All Over Again

Our archives are here if you need to catch up…   A Canadian soldier identified as the Ragged Stranger? Check. A hotel registry dutifully signed by the person identified as the Ragged Stranger every day up to the murder? Check. A hotel bill left open and unpaid after the murder? Check. A Ragged Stranger met on... Read more »

I Suppose We Wanted to Get Home

Blog post 17 can be read here if you missed it… With Carl Wanderer convicted for the murder of his pregnant wife Ruth, the twenty-five-year prison sentence he was given could be shortened to thirteen years and nine months if Wanderer gained credit for good behavior while in the penitentiary. The twenty-five-year-old wife killer would... Read more »

We Find the Defendant Guilty! But...

Blog post 16 can be viewed here if you missed it…   The trial for the murder of Ruth Wanderer saw the courtroom packed every day, shoulder to shoulder, with hundreds of ‘murder fans’ that had waited in line to get their seat at the trial. Beyond those in the Criminal Court building, the trial... Read more »

Carl Wanderer Is Doomed by a Love Letter at Trial

Post 15 can be read here if you missed it…   After Carl Wanderer had confessed to the murder of his pregnant wife, their unborn child and the Ragged Stranger, public scorn and condemnation of him was rife. When word came out that he had been dating a seventeen-year-old girl before and after his wife’s... Read more »

Carl Wanderer- Somewhere in France During the Great War

Part 12 can be found here if you missed it… In searching for anything in Carl Wanderer’s war service that might shed on light on why he commited the crimes he did, I took a deep look at World War I and Carl’s place in it. The Great War left me truly in awe on... Read more »

The Mystery of the Ragged Stranger Podcast Episode #1- A Prelude to Murder

I’m pleased to share with you the first episode of The Mystery of the Ragged Stranger podcast, produced in partnership with ChicagoNow. The podcast will allow us to tell the story about the Ragged Stranger and Carl Wanderer in a little different way than some of the material we are presenting here in the blog.... Read more »

June 21st

Part 9 can be found here if you missed it…   Ninety-eight years ago today a heinous crime was carried out by Carl Wanderer as he took the lives of his wife Ruth, her unborn child, and a vagrant who came be to known as the Ragged Stranger. This blog has tried to shed a... Read more »

Ruth Johnson and Graceland Cemetery

Part 4 can be read here if you missed it… The only fault that could possibly be found with Ruth Johnson was her taste in men; she fell hopelessly in love with a psychopath. From all other accounts she was a wonderful, devoted wife and daughter that should have been the envy of her husband. Ruth... Read more »