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John Maloney- Manslaughter and the Duluth Lynchings

Part 6 can be found here if you missed it… After having tracked down Earl Masters the police determined that the John Robinson Circus commissary ticket found on the body of the Ragged Stranger had been in a jacket Masters had lent to fellow circus worker John Maloney. The police determined that without telling any of... Read more »

E. Masters and the Creepy Clowns of the John Robinson Circus

  Part 5 can be read here if you missed it… One of the highlights of every summer in the pre-television days was the circus coming to down. The big top, a midway teeming with circus barkers extolling their freak shows or trained wild animals; the circus was the place to be whenever it was... Read more »

The Ragged Stranger in the Ravenswood Hospital Morgue

Part 1 can be found here if you missed it… In the immediate aftermath of the shooting the police tried to identify the unknown man in the morgue at Ravenswood Hospital. He was a white male in his early 20’s with a pale complexion, freckles, and light reddish-brown hair that was longer than the style... Read more »