Local Medal of Honor Recipients on Armistice Day

One hundred years ago today, the war to end all wars, came to its end. The accompanying gallery barely scratches the surface of the stories of ten men that called Chicago home at one time or another and were awarded the Medal of Honor, the highest and most prestigious decoration the military presents for extraordinary acts of honor and valor. While some of these men were born, raised, and returned to Chicago after the war, three of the men were immigrants fighting for their adopted country.

Please take a moment to read the brief citations that detail the heroic acts that earned their Medals of Honor. Think about the pandemonium going on around them when they made split second, life altering decisions without thoughts of medals or honor, but simply because something needed to be done. These men saved the lives of many of their fellow soldiers but one would expect they didn't revel in their accomplishments, but rather dwelled on those that they couldn't save; think of the regret these men must have carried along with their medals. Think of the lifelong repercussions of their service not only on them, but their spouses and children. Now think how fortunate you are that you had true patriots like these precede you; patriots not in words, but in action. Now... never forget.


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