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Yes, I am a FAG, what's your point?

Stick and stones… Most of us are brought up with the understanding that it is not nice to call others “names”, or so I like to think.  But there are some people that have no filter and feel they have the right to say what ever they like.  This was such the case not that long ago... Read more »

Being Gay vs.Being a really want to go there?

It usually takes a lot to get me really upset about much when it comes to what people have to say about me or to me.  But after my post  ’If you can be born stupid than I can be born gay’ and some of the comments made, I needed to get some things of my... Read more »

Men Ask The Dumbest Questions!

Men Ask The Dumbest Questions!
Guys, you have to admit: you ask some stupid questions; especially on the first date!  So to help out the ladies, I have come up with a short list of some of the dumbest question that have actually been asked of women; as well as a proper response to each.  These are in no particular... Read more »

Didn't Your Mama Teach You It's Rude to Double Dip?!

The moment boy meets girl there is a chemical reaction that cause the heart to race, the breath to become quicker and the palms of the hands to sweat. For most this is a feeling that may only happen once in their life; for other’s it happens all the time. But this feeling of love... Read more »

Men and the stupid things they do: Cup Bras, Really?

In 1949 Charles L. Langes invented the Cup Bras! These bras, though strapless, backless, support-less, were thought to be a break-through in women’s fashion…WRONG!!! Notice the lack of enthusiasm on his wife’s face!