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Why dating sucks, at my age.

  I have been in two relationships that lasted more then a few years.  Now, at 37, I am single and wondering how am I going to find something that is meaningful, lasting and hopefully an end to my single life. I am on every dating sight and cell phone app there is.  The issue?... Read more »

Is your boyfriend smarter than a 5th grader?

How many times have you found yourself staring at your boyfriend wondering “Did he just say that’?  If it is more than once a day, you may be dating a dummy! But not to worry, we have all been there. Just like men, women sometimes go for looks over brains…Nice house, nobody home! Why do... Read more »

Friday Dating Tip from The Queer Guy

It’s Friday night, the plans have been made, the clothes have been picked out and it is time to head out on your date; your first date.  Since the majority of singles are meeting people online there are times where our expectations may be a bit over inflated. Let’s say the average person spends about... Read more »

Being Gay vs.Being a really want to go there?

It usually takes a lot to get me really upset about much when it comes to what people have to say about me or to me.  But after my post  ’If you can be born stupid than I can be born gay’ and some of the comments made, I needed to get some things of my... Read more »

Coming Soon,!!!

Do not be afraid, I will continue writing for ChicagoNow… My new website will allow me to have more freedom to discuss, well anything I damn well please!  So stay tuned!!

Can't find love? Maybe you are trying too hard!

We all want to be loved; but at what price?  Today online dating has become a major player in how people not only meet, but relate. Having been an online dater I can attest to it’s attributes. At the same time, there is something negative being disconnected and impersonal. So many people focus way too much... Read more »

It's a new year ladies; it's time for a new attitude!

As we move forward into a new year, don’t you think it is time to make some adjustments in your life?  Make the resolution to be honest with yourself and others; especially when it comes to dating.  Since I started my blog, I have heard from many women who are unsatisfied with their dating life... Read more »

Dating Tip of The Week: Need Advice, Talk To A Friend First

Having made it very clear what I think about a certain “dating advice” website on my blog yesterday, I wanted to reiterate the point I was trying to make. Once you have decided to start online dating, have someone you know help you with your profile and picture selection.  Some one that knows you and understands what... Read more »

Are You A Social Media Skank?

With the internet becoming the #1 means of communication, it is no wonder that so many people are addicted to Social Media; I know I am!  But some of you are going a little to far with your “online relationships” and using Social Media as a form of sexual taunting; a.k.a. being a Social Media... Read more »

Text Dating Is For Lazy People!

If there is one thing I hate about modern technology it’s the TEXT MESSAGE!  It seems everyone is always “texting” someone; to the point laws have to be passed to keep people from texting and driving!  Really?!  You can’t wait to talk to someone until you stop the car?  I know most of you are... Read more »