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Coming Soon,!!!

Do not be afraid, I will continue writing for ChicagoNow… My new website will allow me to have more freedom to discuss, well anything I damn well please!  So stay tuned!!

The Queer Guy's 35 Challenge!

As I come to the end of my 30 Day No-Scale Challenge I am looking forward; what next? I know there will be another 30 day Challenge of some sort; I need more! Three months from today I will turn 35, and I realized I have to get some pounds off and start taking better... Read more »

9 Days Left of My 30-Day No Scale Challenge

As day 21 draws to an end I sit back and reflect over the past 3 weeks and what this challenge has really done for me.  When I started the 30-Day No Scale Challenge, my biggest fear was not being able to weigh myself 3-4 times a day as I had for many years.  I am not... Read more »

Almost Halfway Through My 30 Day No-Scale Challenge

Well I have to say, this shit is harder than I thought it was going to be, but I am hanging in there and have not set foot on a scale IN 14 DAYS!!! I am not sure if I explained just how much I have had to change my daily routine.  You see, I... Read more »

Day 3 Of The 30 Day, No Scale Challenge!

Okay, its the 3rd day of not weighing myself, and I have to say am very proud!  For me not to look at THAT number at least 3-5 times a day is HUGE! So, along with no scale, I have also given up candy! This mean no M&M’s…that is not going to be easy!!!  I live off... Read more »

The Queer Guys Says Goodbye To The Scale...For 30 days!

That’s right, I am making a change, and it’s about time! I have never been a super skinny guy; not since my early 20′s.  Ever since then, I have gone up and down, sometimes REALLY up!  But the times I decided to do something about it, I usually succeed!  But regardless of my exercise regime or diet, there is... Read more »