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Why dating sucks, at my age.

  I have been in two relationships that lasted more then a few years.  Now, at 37, I am single and wondering how am I going to find something that is meaningful, lasting and hopefully an end to my single life. I am on every dating sight and cell phone app there is.  The issue?... Read more »

Ending my affair for the New Year

As the New Year begins many of us are making resolutions to either change or better our lives.  These self-made promises are usually intended to start something positive for ourselves, and at times ending something bad.  For me, it’s the latter I am struggling with. You see, I have been having a very unhealthy affair... Read more »

We are all hateful, awful people.

As the end of the year draws near I, like a lot of people, start to reflect on the past months. As I take time to think of my actions and reactions of late, I keep asking myself: “Was I a good person?”  In most cases, I can confidently say that indeed I was; there... Read more »

Don't be hating cause I'm dating!

If we lived in a perfect world, we would have perfect relationships: the perfect partner and the perfect friends.  There would be nothing but support and understanding from those that we are close with and never a moment of unwarranted jealousy or bitterness; that’s the perfect world, now let’s get back to reality.  Why is... Read more »

You look like a hooker that just got off work!

Was it a rough night or a good night? Or BOTH, rough and good!  As I was awoken at 2:30am by my roommate and his “date”  (also a friend of mine) hanging out and drinking in the kitchen I wondered, was I dreaming or was this indeed a late night booty call.  I went to... Read more »

Gay Eagle Scouts to Open Chick-Fil-A in Topeka, KS

Topeka, KS 7/23/2012 Two local business men announced today that they will be opening a Chick-Fil-A in Topeka, KS.  Bob Furmore and Neil Swallows purchased the franchise as part of their life dream to own a restaurant.  Members of Westboro Baptist Church, Furmore and Swallows have been domestic partners for 15 years. The opening of the restaurant... Read more »

Is it time to walk away?

There comes a point in most relationships where we ask ourselves, ‘What am I still doing in here?”  For most of us the answer is clear and the decision has to be made to end things and move on; for others it is not as easy to walk away. For many, the idea of being... Read more »

Is your boyfriend smarter than a 5th grader?

How many times have you found yourself staring at your boyfriend wondering “Did he just say that’?  If it is more than once a day, you may be dating a dummy! But not to worry, we have all been there. Just like men, women sometimes go for looks over brains…Nice house, nobody home! Why do... Read more »

I have Pride; I just don't fart rainbows!

It is Pride Weekend here in Chicago and there is gayness in the air.  As a gay male, there are many things of which I am proud of, one of which is to live in a city where being “you” is greatly celebrated.  With that said, I will most likely not be at the parade... Read more »

Running Saved My Life

I know it has been a while since I have written anything and there is a good reason.  At the beginning of this year I went through a very tough break-up with the man I had been with for 4 years.  It wasn’t so much the actual break-up that was devastating, it was everything that... Read more »