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You look like a hooker that just got off work!

Was it a rough night or a good night? Or BOTH, rough and good!  As I was awoken at 2:30am by my roommate and his “date”  (also a friend of mine) hanging out and drinking in the kitchen I wondered, was I dreaming or was this indeed a late night booty call.  I went to... Read more »

Two Guys and A Gay: Day 1

This weekend I am working a race expo in Cleveland and I have the blessed opportunity to spend 4 nights on a RV with two other guys, and while I am sure some of you are thinking this is a gay’s wildest dream, not so much. For starters, they are straight and I am gay. ... Read more »

Friday Dating Tip from The Queer Guy

It’s Friday night, the plans have been made, the clothes have been picked out and it is time to head out on your date; your first date.  Since the majority of singles are meeting people online there are times where our expectations may be a bit over inflated. Let’s say the average person spends about... Read more »

Are you a Whore-der?

Ah, the single life..I think I remember what it was like:  The freedom to what ever with whomever, those were the day.  But, there is something to be said for monogamy as well.  I find myself to be a better person because of my relationship and began wonder if the same is true for those... Read more »

Coming Soon,!!!

Do not be afraid, I will continue writing for ChicagoNow… My new website will allow me to have more freedom to discuss, well anything I damn well please!  So stay tuned!!

It's a new year ladies; it's time for a new attitude!

As we move forward into a new year, don’t you think it is time to make some adjustments in your life?  Make the resolution to be honest with yourself and others; especially when it comes to dating.  Since I started my blog, I have heard from many women who are unsatisfied with their dating life... Read more »

Men Ask The Dumbest Questions!

Men Ask The Dumbest Questions!
Guys, you have to admit: you ask some stupid questions; especially on the first date!  So to help out the ladies, I have come up with a short list of some of the dumbest question that have actually been asked of women; as well as a proper response to each.  These are in no particular... Read more »

If He Whistles At You, Say Thank You!

After “chatting” with a few people today about being “whistled at” I decided to get on my soapbox for a moment. I really do not understand the big deal here ladies (and some guys)!  If someone is going to recognize the fact that you look good, say “Thank you” and go about your day!  Even... Read more »

When It's Her Friend You Want!

Have you ever been in a situation where you are approached by a girl at a bar and thinking, “Maybe, she seems okay”, only then to be introduced to her friend?  It is not always a case of the friend being hotter or having bigger tits; there are many reasons why one finds another attractive (though hotness... Read more »

A Picture Can Tell A Thousand Words, Maybe That's Why You Only Show Your Face Online!

Recently there have been several blogs/conversations related to online dating.  One of the most common “issues” seems to be pictures.  I wrote a blog a while back where I touched on some etiquette regarding photos posted on a dating profile. But I think I need to go into more detail. After reviewing some profiles that were sent to me, I realized the number... Read more »