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Advice is Not Always Good Advice!

I typically do not get too personal on this site and hardly ever “attack” another blog here; I am not out to start any sort of ChicagoNow Civil War.  But when I come across someone who is blatantly giving out bad advice I have to say (blog) something.   This past Saturday on ChicagoNow Radio, Alex Quigley and Amy... Read more »

Become a Fan of ChicagoNow Radio on Facebook! You know you want to!!!

Alright  everyone! We have less  than 15 hours  to get 1000  people to like ChicagoNow  Radio on  Facebook let’s help Amy Guth  beat Alex Quigley  in their weekly  wager!!!

Team Guth Vs. Team Quigley

   Okay everyone, we have until  Wednesday at 11:59pm to get  1000  people to “Like”  ChicagoNow  Radio on  Facebook!!!   Come on  guys, lets help my girl Amy Guth  beat that mean Alex Quigley !!!