Just shut up already; nobody asked for your opinion!

Facebook, Twitter, ChicagNow: you name it, there is a way to get your opinion out there. I know better than most, I write about my opinion and am doing so yet again. This time about people who give their opinion on everything. Now this is going to sound very cliche: me giving my opinion on those that give theirs, but bare with me.

Over the past couple of years I have written on many topics: clothes, music, sex, politics...you name it I have written about it. When writing, it is without fail that the author is going to interject his own opinion (the reason for writing in the first place). We write about things that strike us as interesting or evoke an emotional response, and when we write we are looking for the same from our readers.

The same can be said for people that feel the need to express their opinion on everything in daily life. You know the type, the person in the office that will argue their point when there was never a point to be made; or argue the opposition to everything you say or the person that will never walk away without making their opinions known while making your stomach turn.

While I fully agree that we all have our right to free thinking, we don't always need to think out load. There are many times in the day when I disagree with something that has been said or that I have seen, but in most occasions it is not necessary (or proper) to share my opinion. Sometimes it is not worth the time or effort. Unfortunately the type of person I am talking about does not understand that rational; they want to argue every point because they enjoy the debate and the sound of their own voice.

These types typically have nothing intelligent to say on the topic, instead taking the opposition and argue until they are blue in the face, and for what? There is nothing productive about these types of conversation, they become heated and end up frustrating everyone involved.

You do not always have to agree with your co-workers, family or friends; that's what makes life interesting. But, at the same time, you do not need to debate the color of the sky just because you are bored. Learn to respect the opinions of others and instead of an unnecessary battle of wit (or lack there of). Not every statement is grounds for a debate; sometimes people just need to vent, and the last thing they are looking for is a rebuttal!

With that said, I know there have been times when I have been guilty of adding too much of my own cents to a conversation. So put down the stones! I am however, not waiting for every opportunity to jump on my soap box. That is not how you win friends or influence people; it is how you send them running. Choose your arguments carefully and consider your opponent. Are they looking for a debate? Or, are they simply making a comment that should be replied to with nothing more than a nod?

It is okay to have opinions and share them (as I do daily), but pick and choose your battles; before those around you choose not to talk to you anymore.

So remember,

Before you send your friends running away in fear,
shut your trap and ask The Queer!


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