Friday Dating Tip from The Queer Guy

It’s Friday night, the plans have been made, the clothes have been picked out and it is time to head out on your date; your first date.  Since the majority of singles are meeting people online there are times where our expectations may be a bit over inflated.

Let’s say the average person spends about a week exchanging emails, text and even a few phone calls before deciding to plan a date.  By this point you have in your mind an idea of what your date may look like (based on pictures and physical description).  You know their hair color, height, maybe a rounded down estimate of weight and even a few of their likes and dislikes.  But, is that enough to paint an entire picture; your mind thinks so.

With the limited information about this person, we start to put together a mental image, minus any flaws.  We see only the good qualities, as they want us to, and our imagination fills in the rest.  The problem with this ideal person, they don’t exist.

Before you construct this perfect person in your mind remember, they're  probably doing the same of you; and we both know you are not going to be 100% the person they are imagining either.  Keep an open mind and have the willingness to put aside petty issues.  Your date probably will not be the person you envisioned; he may have a bit of a beer guy or she may not have the large boobs you were hoping for; get over it.

Stop thinking about the things that are missing and enjoy the person for who they are.  You never know, the imperfect person before you could be the one you have been searching for all along, flaws and all.


And remember guys and gals...

When it comes to dating fear,

You can always ask  The Queer!

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