Sex is a form of communication!


Communication, at times, can be the most difficult aspect of a relationship and one that scares away many.  But why is communication always associated with talking?  There are so many different ways we communicate with each other; body language, expressions, jesters and sex (most importantly sex).

Think about the times you have had sex after a fight; the sex is more intense.  How about when you are feeling sad and regretful for something you may have said or done?  You exude passion in an attempt to apologize; you become more physical depending on the sexual situation.  This is communication in its rawest form.  No words. No jesters. Just physical conversation that is so intense the idea of verbally expressing yourself is lost.

Can sex be the soul communicable action in a relationship? Not one based on more than just sex.  Can it help you to express yourself in ways you may not be able to verbally?  YES!

Sex cannot be the basis of a committed relationship, nor can verbal communication.  Find a balance and learn the different ways you and your partner can communicate.  Learning how to interact with each other will make your relationship stronger and deepen the level communication; in all its forms!

Happy "communicating"!!!

The Queer Guy



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  • I just vomited.

    (still love ya Daniel, and I mean that in the most heterosexual way possible).

  • The word is gestures, not jesters. (Jesters are elected officials)

  • Why do gay people have to state they are gay? How about "The guy who gives it to you straight"?

  • I love how the comments are all judgements of minor aspects of your post that say NOTHING about the article itself, which was a great read, in my opinion. My only complaint is that I wish it was a big longer so that you could've gotten more in depth with your analysis of sex as communication. Its an interesting idea. Kudos!

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