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Are you a Whore-der?

Ah, the single life..I think I remember what it was like:  The freedom to what ever with whomever, those were the day.  But, there is something to be said for monogamy as well.  I find myself to be a better person because of my relationship and began wonder if the same is true for those... Read more »

Yes, I am a FAG, what's your point?

Stick and stones… Most of us are brought up with the understanding that it is not nice to call others “names”, or so I like to think.  But there are some people that have no filter and feel they have the right to say what ever they like.  This was such the case not that long ago... Read more »

You are on a bike; you are not God!

With Chicago being such a pedestrian city, there are always people walking, running and biking.  I am one of them; a runner.  So I can understand the urge to get on the road for a great run or ride.  The problem that I have with SOME bikers is this attitude of road ownership.  YOU DO... Read more »