You want it to work, but are you willing to do the work?

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There are so many relationships that fail way too early and others that go on for way too long.  Sometimes it's one person's fault but most time its both.  We can say that we tried to make things work, or we got comfortable; either is unacceptable  You cannot be in a relationship without work; it is impossible!  There has to be some effort put forth by all parties involved (regardless of the type of relationship). 

In a perfect world, relationships would exist with ease and our love lives would be carefree; and I would be 50lbs lighter and look like an older more distinguished Zac Efron. But alas, the world is not perfect and contrary to popular belief, neither am I.  When it comes to working within a relationship (notice I did not say on), it's about taking any active roll.  The key, which I have written about MANY times, is communication; and this should never feel like work.  But there are many other factors which need focus to make a relationship last.
Working comes in many different forms: listening, communicating, compromising, excepting, experimenting (with many things...not just sexual)...the list goes on and on.  It is not a chore that one must do, but more an understanding when taking the position or significant other.  Not until you have realized and understand the level of commitment it takes to be in a relationship, you will never understand what that work entails; and the fact that it is not truly work, but signs of love and respect.
So, when you say you worked hard to make things better, did you really? 
OR, did you just give up?
If you find yourself in a situation were you feel you or your partner needs to work on things, make the situation known. Don't assume that other person knows you are working to change or that you are waiting for them to; it's only going to lead to unfair disappointment.  Keep talking; never shut the other person out and always, ALWAYS show respect in every situation. No matter how bad it gets, holding on to some dignity makes it better.
And remember guys and gals,
If the relationship isn't working and you are in fear,
Before you do anything, Ask The Queer

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