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Elizabeth Taylor: The Epitome of Class

Elizabeth Taylor: The Epitome of Class
Today we mourn the loss of one of the most iconic women of all time.    Elizabeth Taylor was the embodiment of everything a woman should be; sexy, intelligent, intriguing, sophisticated and alluring. With her passing, I am left to wonder who will be the next Icon of Style, Ambassador or Good Taste, Queen of... Read more »

There Is A Difference Between Class And Being An Ass

I will always be the first one to acknowledge a woman with class; honestly there is not much sexier.  At the same time, there is a major difference between class and ASS and I fear some of you are lacking the knowledge to ascertain the difference.    Let’s talk about the differences shall we.  ... Read more »

Lusting For Love

The thought of being in love is on the minds of everyone at some point.  But what happens when this idea consumes you?  As children we are inundated with the idea of love.  We are taught we will grow up and meet ‘The One”.  We are told about the feelings we will have and how magical it... Read more »

Once a Bully...? Adults can be bullies too

Once a Bully...? Adults can be bullies too
A few months ago I wrote about my experience as a teenager being bullied and the effects it had on me. I want to now address the issue of adult bullying. We have all had an experience with a bully; maybe not directly, but we have.  Most of these experiences happen when we are younger, but for... Read more »

Rude for no reason: What did I do to you?

As most of you know, I am all about manners and decorum, most of the time.  But I do feel there is a time where an assertive word is needed.  There are many people out there that seem to be lacking in social graces and need to be scolded for inappropriate behavior.     Now... Read more »