Men Ask The Dumbest Questions!

Men Ask The Dumbest Questions!

Guys, you have to admit: you ask some stupid questions; especially on the first date!  So to help out the ladies, I have come up with a short list of some of the dumbest question that have actually been asked of women; as well as a proper response to each.  These are in no particular order, I think they are equally dumb!


1. Q: "You'd be hot if you lost some weight."
     A; "And you would be hot if you weren't an ass!"

2. Q: "You friend is hot. If things don't work out with us, can I get her number?"
     A: "Why don't you just getit now; things aren't working out!"

3. Q: "Hey, would you have sex with my friend? He's been really depressed lately?"
     A: "Oh sure.  By the way, am I still having sex with your boss for his birthday?"

4. Q: "Why can't you lool like those girls in porn?"
     A: "Well, pay for all of my surgeries and maybe I will!" 

5. Q: "What's your favorite sex position?"
     A: "The one were you are in the other room!"

6. Q: "You know I never plan on marrying you, right?"
     A: "Yes, that's why I started dating (insert name)!"

7. Q: "Do you care if I ask that girl if she'd be interested in a threesome?" 
     A: "Sure, as long as you don't me picking the third person!"

8. Q: "Don't you think you have had enough to eat?"
     A: "No, I am trying to get as big as your ego!"

9. Q: "You really just can't stop talking, can you?"
     A: "I will stop talking when you say something intelligent" 
10. Q: "What? Are you on your period or something?"
        A: "No, I just hate you!"

If you have every asked one or more of the questions, my suggestion is to keep you mout shut and think about what you are about to say before you say it!  

And remember guys,
Before you ask a stupid question, ask The Queer.


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  • Wow. I'm lucky I've never been asked any of those questions. I just assumed these stories were "urban legends." Haha.

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