The Queer Guy's Tip of The Week: Leave The Friends At Home!



I keep hearing about guys bringing their friends along on a date; REALLY?! Are you in the 3rd grade?  Do you need some to wipe your butt? I don't get it.

If you cannot maintain a conversation, ALONE, with a young lady for a couple of hours then you need help; not your friends.  How rude is to be out for dinner, or drinks, then to have your peeps crowd up on you while you are with your date?  She is not going to be impressed that you know people; she is going to be put off, feel out of place and awkward.  This will NOT get you a second date, I can tell you that!

SO next time, focus the date on her; you can invite her to meet some of your friends after dinner, but the decision is hers to make.  Do not blind side her unless you are certain you never want to see her again.

And remember guys...

When in fear, as The Queer!


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  • I totally agree here. The only thing that inviting friends on a date says to us is that you just want to be friends. That doesn't get you a second date and it won't get you laid. Especially if your friends just "happen" to show up at dinner. If you need courage, be like the rest of us and have a couple glasses of wine.

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