Red Carpet Misconceptions

Think you know the red carpet? Unless you have seen the inner workings of the beast, chances are you don't. Here are some red carpet misconceptions...


Vince Vaughn Red Carpet, Jeff Schear Photography

1. The red carpet is a long red carpet. The red carpet isn't always a long lavish spectacle. Most of the time it's just a short piece of red carpet. I'd say the average size is 10'x 4'. The photographs just make it appear longer since the red carpet goes edge to edge in the frame.
2. There are paparazzi on the red carpet. At professionally organized events, the red carpet is reserved for affiliated parties and media. That being said, paparazzi are the ambulance chasers of photography. They hide in bushes and acost celebrities on the street. Someone going after creepy shots, like a paparazzi, wouldn't be allowed to such events. That is, unless the event is affiliated with Heidi or Spenser Pratt. The photographers at red carpet events work for publications. I've said it before and i'll said it again, calling a photographer a paparazzi is like calling a ballerina a stripper.  
3. Red carpet photographs are only used to critique fashion. Open up any copy of Entertainment Weekly and look closely at each picture. Chances are almost every full length photograph of a celebrity somehow originated from a red carpet. They simply take the red carpet photographs and remove the background. After the photographs are retouched, they are used to accompany articles, etc. Most legitimate celebrity photographs that are published, start on a red carpet. That's why they are carefully orchestrated events, with specifically invited guests. 

If you just had a mind blowing realization, i'll repeat what I just said. Ever wondered why red carpet photographs have the backgrounds with all the logos on them? Yes it's for PR purposes, but it also aids in removing the background all together for publishing of the photographs without the red carpet background.

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