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Industry Slang

In every field of work, we all have a collection of words or phrases that are used amongst our peers.  These terms are used by those working in the industry to help communicate their needs, desires or to cryptically talk about a guest to a fellow worker. One thing that I have always enjoyed about... Read more »

Weekend Review: March 11th to 13th

Sorry everyone for not putting this up on Monday night.  Lets just say that this weekend took a lot of energy out of my body.  We were slammed, which for this economy, is awesome for the staff because they can pay rent. I think the theme of this weekend was making, or not making, a... Read more »

Weekend Review: March 4th to 6th

The National Restaurant Association did a study a few years back about the the length of time that people think they wait before being greeted at a restaurant.  Do you know what they found?  They found that for every 1.5 mintues a person sat, they reported that they sat for 5 mins.  Moral of the study, calm down and we will get to you.
This weekend wasn’t so bad compared to the last.  Thankfully, we were busy ever night and had many new faces.  The staff were insane like usual and there were only a couple fights that I had to break up.  I swear I run a preschool. Anyways, on with the show…   1. “Where is my... Read more »

Feb 26th to Feb 28th (A weekend review)

I saw this and it made me laugh.  It made me relax a little from venting about the weekend.  Though I have to say, I would never step foot in there.
I was talking with Jimmy this weekend about my blog.  We were talking about tips to get my blog out in the world and increase the amount of response.  I have a couple fun things planned which you will find out soon but he also gave me some great advice.  Thanks Jimmy! Here’s a little... Read more »

Going crazy with school

Is this a professor yelling at me or a customer that their steak is over cooked?
My word…it has been too long since my last post.  I am so sorry everyone!  Not that it really matters to anyone, but I’ve been playing catch up between running my restaurant and going to school.  Not to mention the absolutely terrifying ordeal it is to apply to grad schools in Chicago.  Wish me luck... Read more »

The beast within the beast...

I want to make a new T.V. show called "Servers of the Arena" and have them battle it out tossing plates, hot coffee and pens at each other.
So my friend Elizabeth gave me a great topic and title for my new post, “The beast within the beast”.  She had worked for a few weeks in a restaurant as a Floor Manager and wrote me an email about the fires that she had to put out between the staff.  I laughed out loud... Read more »