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Weekend Review: March 11th to 13th

Sorry everyone for not putting this up on Monday night.  Lets just say that this weekend took a lot of energy out of my body.  We were slammed, which for this economy, is awesome for the staff because they can pay rent. I think the theme of this weekend was making, or not making, a... Read more »

Feb 26th to Feb 28th (A weekend review)

I saw this and it made me laugh.  It made me relax a little from venting about the weekend.  Though I have to say, I would never step foot in there.
I was talking with Jimmy this weekend about my blog.  We were talking about tips to get my blog out in the world and increase the amount of response.  I have a couple fun things planned which you will find out soon but he also gave me some great advice.  Thanks Jimmy! Here’s a little... Read more »

The beast within the beast...

I want to make a new T.V. show called "Servers of the Arena" and have them battle it out tossing plates, hot coffee and pens at each other.
So my friend Elizabeth gave me a great topic and title for my new post, “The beast within the beast”.  She had worked for a few weeks in a restaurant as a Floor Manager and wrote me an email about the fires that she had to put out between the staff.  I laughed out loud... Read more »

A crapy day in the industry

As I sit before my computer, I wonder what should be the opening story for my blog.  In fashion, the first piece that gets sent down the catwalk is typically a statement of your collection.  It is a piece that sums up your voice in the fashion world with its colors, patterns, cut and design. Should the... Read more »