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Going crazy with school

Is this a professor yelling at me or a customer that their steak is over cooked?
My word…it has been too long since my last post.  I am so sorry everyone!  Not that it really matters to anyone, but I’ve been playing catch up between running my restaurant and going to school.  Not to mention the absolutely terrifying ordeal it is to apply to grad schools in Chicago.  Wish me luck... Read more »

The beast within the beast...

I want to make a new T.V. show called "Servers of the Arena" and have them battle it out tossing plates, hot coffee and pens at each other.
So my friend Elizabeth gave me a great topic and title for my new post, “The beast within the beast”.  She had worked for a few weeks in a restaurant as a Floor Manager and wrote me an email about the fires that she had to put out between the staff.  I laughed out loud... Read more »

A shout out to "Lady M"

Funny enough as it is, a lot of the people in the restaurant late at night are wearing chaps without pants.  That means that Lady M sees a lot of furry asses and legs walking around her job.
Some of you might remember me mentioning my friend “M” in a previous post during the holiday season; who will now be affectionately known as Lady M.  Fun and regal sounding huh? I want to send a special shout out to her because of the amazing job she does at her restaurant.  She works at... Read more »

"Oh my's you!"

I even make the same face a lot of the time.
So I have a question for you all… Have any of you ever been wrongfully identified as a celebrity?  It used to happen to me a lot and I thought it was hysterical.  Some of you actually know who I am and can attest that this has happened to me.  I like to have a pseudo-rocker style where... Read more »

I'm lonely....

(Celine Dion’s “All by myself” is playing…) I just looked at my Facebook page and I found myself to be a little lonely…. Don’t you want to be a fan of mine on Facebook?  I promise to keep you up to date with new entries on my blog.  Come on, all the cool kids are... Read more »

Food Allergies...What BS!!!

So this is what we look like inside...not all that pretty I must say.
I understand that many people in the world suffer from food allergies.  These allergies can be cause by almost anything such as lactose, glutens, soy, nuts or let’s face it, the list goes on and on.  The hard part about allergies is going out to eat with family and friends.  For the record, I sympathize for those with... Read more »

Guest Focus 1- Mrs. Z

Sorry everyone that it has been awhile since my last post.  As most of you know, working in the service industry can be…well…let’s just say that it sucks the life from your body. This post is about a very special person that I have come to know from serving at one of my restaurants.  Her... Read more »

My "little brother"

            There are many days in the industry when you think to yourself, “is this really what I want to be doing?“  I felt it appropriate to start with a story that makes you cringe and realize that it’s not always fun and games.  Sure there are movies out there which challenge perceptions of the industry... Read more »