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Nevada Senate Candidate Demands Reid Campaign Take Down Re-Creation of Website

The campaign of Nevada US Senate candidate Sharron Angle demanded through a cease-and-desist letter that her rival’s campaign take down a replica of her old website. Sharron Angle’s old website had her positions listed. Several of her outlandish, controversial, and downright idiotic position views were scrubbed after she won the Nevada Republican primary race. Talking... Read more »

US Senate Candidate: "I'm Not in the Business of Creating Jobs"

Tea Party darling and Nevada United States Senate candidate Sharron Angle has everyone laughing and is in hot water after being embarrassed by the campaign of her opponent, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The Reid campaign has released a video montage of Angle saying twice it is not and will not be her duty to... Read more »

Carly Fiorina, California US Senate Candidate, Caught Making Fun of Opponent's Hair

New look post-cancer
Carly Fiorina, former McCain campaign economic advisor and US Senate candidate in California, was caught making fun of opponent Barbara Boxer’s hair. While preparing for a television interview, Fiorina was caught mentioning that a friend “saw Barbara Boxer briefly on television this morning and said what everyone says, ‘God, what is that hair?'” “Sooo yesterday,”... Read more »

Illinois US Senate Battle: Mark Kirk's Campaign Lies About Naval Award Facts

Lie they have. They being the campaign of a one Mr. Mark Kirk. Kirk’s had a row over his record as a naval intelligence dude.  In an email sent out from the campaign Saturday night, Eric Elk of the Kirk campaign said “Furthermore, the story inaccurately portrays the Rufus Taylor award as a non-Navy award.... Read more »

Florida Republican Governor To Run For US Senate As Independent

Charlie Crist, Florida Governor Will Charlie Crist run as an Independent in the Florida US Senate race? Speculation has existed for weeks that he may dump the Republican party and run unaffiliated in the race. Republicans are blasting him, his supporters have an uneasy grin, and Democrats are blasting him. The news and my take... Read more »