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Teacher Evaluations: In Data Release, a Division Between Union Leadership and Teachers

United Teachers Los Angeles called The Los Angeles Times release of a database measuring teacher effectiveness at raising test scores “the height of journalistic irresponsibility.” However, not all teachers in Southern California agree.           The analysis produced by The Los Angeles Times measured how effective Los Angeles Unified School District teachers... Read more »

Bye Bye Blockbuster

Sometime in September, Blockbuster, formerly the king of home video rentals, will file for bankruptcy protection. The act of going to the video store has been dead for awhile now, but was does this symbolize?   Right off the bat, Blockbuster’s demise shows what happens to any business that drags it feet to catch up... Read more »

Sammy the Monster

In an interview with Chicago Magazine, former Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa says the team made believe he’s “a monster.” Is there a real beef here or is a bitter old player just spouting off?   I’ll tell you immediately what it is: a bitter old player spouting off. What’s Sosa doing now? Working out to... Read more »

Google Chrome OS Tablet?

Both Reuters and the Christian Science Monitor are running reports saying a Verizon-subsidized  tablet computer running the Google Chrome OS will appear on Black Friday. The tablet’s hardware would be put together by high end smartphone maker HTC. Features of the tablet would include a 1280x 720 multitouch dislay, 2GB of RAM, a minimum 32... Read more »

A Titanic Cruise

What’s the perfect way to commemorate a wrecked ship? Take a cruise!  At least, that’s the thinking for families of passengers of people from the Titanic. If you need any back story on that, watch James Cameron’s movie, Google it, or read a freaking book.  I’m thinking: who the hell would want to go on a Titanic-themed cruise?... Read more »

Scott Pilgrim vs. The Expendables

So, this weekend a couple of movies came to the big screen this weekend. One movie was kick-ass awesome and the other, I could tell, was awful. First off, it looks like The Expendables kicked the ass of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Box Office Mojo has The Expendables, a stupid action movie full of... Read more »

Barack to Sign Border Bill

CNN reports that President Obama will sign an emergency bill granting $600 million dollars for border security.   I saw no way Jose. What about the damn deficit? Where is paygo? I can’t support this, but the entire Senate (that’s Republicans and Democrats) can. I feel that it’s really hypocritical to do so. We aren’t... Read more »

Jailed Congressmen an Advocate for Prison Reform?

Former Republican Congressmen Randall “Duke” Cunningham plead guilty to taking over $2 million dollars in bribes in 2005. Now, halfway through his sentence, he may become an advocate for prison reform. Cunningham wrote a letter to the newsweekly San Diego CityBeat in response to a letter from the organization. Cunningham railed against the incarceration rate... Read more »

Cloned Beef Hash

There’s a big row in Britain right over the safety of food.  It’s not about a big outbreak of e-coli or salmonella. So then, what’s the problem? Cloned beef on the store shelves.   A Scottish farmer announced that he raised cows derived from an American clone. Derived? Do you want the meat of something... Read more »

Comcast Cable and VCRs

So, Comcast (sometimes Comcast, sometimes Xfinity now) wants its basic cable, check that, expanded basic (since you can’t actually purchase basic cable with Comcrap) customers to install these little adapter boxes. Not that bad, right? Well, it really wasn’t that bad until I looked at the back of the package these little DTAs (Digital Transport... Read more »