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Health Care Reform: British Style

Even our British cousins want some health care reform. The question is: what do they want?   In what could become the most significant change to the British health care system since the start of the Cold War, the United Kingdom’s centre-right government has proposed massive changes to the National Health Service. The goal would... Read more »

Teaching the Constitution

I think I just read the most asinine article ever. The Detroit Free Press has a write up on teaching the Constitution in schools. You might be doing a double-take, but I think I did a 23-take. It’s laughable to me that there has to be an article about teaching the Constitution in schools considering... Read more »

Microsoft Reports Record Revenues

Microsoft is reporting record revenue as nearly 175 million licenses of Window 7 have been sold since the product was released last year, making it the fastest selling version of Windows. Microsoft achieved 22% sales growth of products and over $16 billion dollars of revenue. This beat rival Apple by over $300 million dollars. Sales... Read more »

Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger, and Sopranos Alum Terence Winter To Develop HBO Music Drama reports that Martin Scorsese and Sopranos alumni Terence Winter, already together behind the project Boardwalk Empire, will team up again with Mick Jagger to create another drama project. Mick Jagger The new series, described as a “rock ‘n’ roll epic,” will follow two follow two friends through 40 years in the music industry. Martin... Read more »

The Thoughts of One Young Fan on Lou Piniella's Retirement Announcement

Today, word was leaked that Cubs manager Lou Piniella planned to retire at the end of the season. Later, Piniella held a press conference at Wrigley Field to make the announcement official.       Lou Piniella It’s kind of a bittersweet day for me. I now know for sure that Lou will be gone... Read more »

Health Care: Sacrificing Choice for Cost

The New York Times reports that major health insurance corporations are now experimenting with plans that offer cheaper coverage for sharply limited networks of doctors and hospitals. A cheaper plan sounds great even with a limited, HMO type plan, but is this good health care or another insurance industry smokescreen? By offering limited plans, major... Read more »

Rush Limbaugh Uses George Steinbrenner's Death to Race-Bait

“What a man he was” said Rush Limbaugh in a clip from his show. Unfortunately, this comment came after racially charged remarks surrounding the death of Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. After announcing on his show that Steinbrenner passed away, Limbaugh took the time point out that “That cracker made a lot of African-American millionaires.” Classy,... Read more »

The Weekend Box Office

Despicable Me, whose lead character is voiced by Steve Carrell, was the top box office performer this weekend. The animated film raked in over $60 million dollars to take first place. The latest Twilight trash came in second and was down almost 50% from the week before. Still, the film brought in $33 million bucks... Read more »

Is Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert a "Slave Master"?

After Cleveland Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert issued a childish and stupid open letter to Cavaliers fans that blasted LeBron James, Jesse Jackson has come to the defense of LeBron. Jackson said that Gilbert “speaks as an owner of LeBron and not the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. His feelings of betrayal personify a slave... Read more »

A Train Encounter

So, I went to see a movie today. It was a very good movie. It had the chick from Alice in Wonderland in it. Mia Wasa-whatever. Great movie. Title you may ask? The Kids are All Right. Anyway, I took the train to the theater. The ride was mostly okay, but when you take the... Read more »