US Senate Candidate: "I'm Not in the Business of Creating Jobs"

Tea Party darling and Nevada United States Senate candidate Sharron Angle has everyone laughing and is in hot water after being embarrassed by the campaign of her opponent, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

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The Reid campaign has released a video montage of Angle saying twice it is not and will not be her duty to help promote job creation as a United States Senator. 
The montage also features Angle saying we have "spoiled our citizenry." I don't disagree with that statement, but it is bizarre for her to both condemn the unemployed and those who collect unemployment insurance while she argues that job creation and developing a friendly environment for job creation is not part of her duties as a U.S. Senator.
Angle says "as your U.S. Senator, I'm not in the business of creating jobs" in the middle of the video at one rally while going to say towards the end of the video in a different rally that developing jobs is the duty of a a state's lieutenant governor, state assemblymen [or representative], state senators, and secretary of state. 
Angle, a hero of tea parties, apparently leads one to believe that she is so against government that she favors government neither helping nor hurting businesses and job creation. Is she an anarchist who favors literally no government and no nation-state whatsoever?
I know one thing for sure. Her bizarre statements and erratic views can only help Harry Reid. Reid is in a major trouble in his re-election bid and his seat was a sure win for the GOP until Sharron Angle came along.


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  • Surely you have more research to do on Angle's opponent on this topic ...

    1. Angle is correct - in Nevada it is the specific charter of the Lt. Governor to attract new industry and jobs to Nevada. Angle has often said in the same (truncated quote) that her job as a SENATOR is to help provide a business-friendly environment at a NATIONAL level, thus helping not only Nevada, but the entire country.

    2. Check out Harry Reid's embarrassing record on national employment: in February 2009, when the $800 BILLION stimulus bill was in Congress, the House voted 407 to 2 to require the use of E-Verify for all contracts awarded under the bill. Pretty bipartisan and patriotic, huh?? Spending tax revenue on jobs for Americans, not illegal aliens.

    But what did Harry do as Senate majority Leader? He personally blocked all attempts to have a vote on SA 239 - the same amendment as the House - to require the use of E-Verify. Result: 15% of all construction jobs went to illegal aliens instead of American citizens.

    So who helped create jobs for Americans? Not Harry Reid, that's for sure. And you choose to criticize Angle? Wrong target this time.

  • In reply to FredRR:

    The Lt. Gov. is "Chairman, Nevada Economic Development" according to That's a created duty by law of legislature. Not a specific charter, i.e. Nevada state Consitutation.

    Harry Reid is an embarrassment. I'm not praising Harry Reid here.

    Her job as US Senator can be to help provide a business and jobs friendly environment on a national level, but she's denying that too. She needs to rephrase her remarks and say something "I can't specifically give John Doe a job, but I can help create an environment where John Doe can get jobs."

  • In reply to FredRR:

    Any statement can be corrected. I can see that maybe it was an honest mistake of Angle unless she really meant to say that. As I can see Nevada Election 2010 is getting hotter between Reid and Angle. Every single statement is being used against each other.

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