The Lowe Down: Iceland Passes Proposal to Become Internet Safe Haven




The Icelandic legislature has passed a very progressive new proposal that aims to make the nation a haven for "expression and freedom of information (translation)."


The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative intends "to make Iceland an attractive environment" for the "operation of international press organizations, new media start-ups, human rights groups and internet data centers."


The proposal was spurred by the housing of Wikileaks servers in Iceland.  With the government of Iceland now encouraging media organizations to house servers in Iceland, the country is trying to create a data zone where the information will always be available, that is if an outside group or country isn't blocking access within their boundaries, for example China. Laws to be created from the proposal would also stop companies and organizations from having their servers forcibly shut down. Obviously, this proposal would strengthen the ability of whistleblowing persons and organizations.

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