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FBI busts "deep cover" Russian spy ring living in the US

The FBI has arrested 10 Russian spies who were operating in the United States.  The 10 arrested along with 1 additional defendant have been charge with conspiring to act as foreign agents of Russia in within United States borders. The FBI conducted a multi-year investigation of a network of United States-based agents of the foreign... Read more »

General McChrystal announces retirement

General Stanley McChrystal has informed the Army that he is going to retire. According to an Army spokesperson, McChrystal has yet to file the formal paperwork necessary.  Last week, McChrystal was removed as the top military commander in Afghanistan because of remarks made in a Rolling Stone article. David Petraeus, currently Commander of U.S. Central Command,... Read more »

Only in the San Francisco

Only in San Francisco would a flash mob gather to revel to We Go Together from Grease. Just remember this if you’re going to San Francisco.

BP Online Magazine: "There is no reason to hate BP"

As we all know, “There is no reason to hate BP.” Well, at least that’s how the world is in Planet BP, a BP online company magazine.  A BP reporter, also known as a company shill, reported that “Much of the region’s [nonfishing boat] businesses — particularly the hotels — have been prospering because so many... Read more »

Accident Waiting to Happen: Government Lets BP Write Its Own Environmental Review Papers for Alaskan Project

In what could become another BP-backed disaster, the New York Times reports that BP is being allowed to proceed with drilling tactics and procedures similar to ones used in the Deepwater Horizon disaster because BP built an artificial island. That’s right. Same depths, same danger, but now its “onshore” because BP literally threw “pile of gravel in... Read more »

US Senate Candidate: "I'm Not in the Business of Creating Jobs"

Tea Party darling and Nevada United States Senate candidate Sharron Angle has everyone laughing and is in hot water after being embarrassed by the campaign of her opponent, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The Reid campaign has released a video montage of Angle saying twice it is not and will not be her duty to... Read more »

Will Lebron be the next Michael Jordan?

There have been lots of comparisons between Bulls legend and basketball great Michael Jordan. I don’t think anyone saw this one coming though. The Lake Erie Crushers, members of the independent minor league baseball Frontier League, plan to offer James a maximum contract under Frontier League rules on “Keep LBJ in the C-L-E Night” next... Read more »

Will Kagan get Borked?

Will Republican senators filibuster Barack Obama’s second Supreme Court nominee? Possibly, but one person will oppose her for sure. That person is not a US Senator, but former Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork. Bork, the namesake of the verb “bork,” was rejected by the Senate for a Supreme Court vacancy during the Reagan administration. The... Read more »

"Height of Arrogance:" BP CEO Watches Yacht Race After Stonewalling Congress

After stonewalling Congress at Congressional hearings this week, BP chief executive Tony Hayward, a man blasted for saying “I’d like my life back” in the midst of the spill, got his life back. The New York Times reports that Hayward was on “the southern coast of England for the J. P. Morgan Asset Management Round... Read more »

Attempted Times Sqaure Bomber Indicted by Grand Jury for Terrorism, Attempting WMD Use

    On June 17th, the Justice Department announced that a federal grand jury indicted Faisal Shahzad on 10 counts for allegedly driving a car bomb into Times Square in New York on the evening of May 1.   Shahzad, 30 years old and a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Pakistan, was taken into custody... Read more »