Senate Republican Says Obama Should "take a Valium" Before Meeting with GOP

Today, President Obama met for over an hour with Senate Republicans in an attempt to see what could be accomplished in this heated election year.

The meeting didn't accomplish a thing with Kansas Senator Pat Roberts blasting Obama to the media right after the event. Roberts said "He needs to take a Valium before he comes in and talks to Republicans."
us senator pat roberts.jpg
Senator Valium aka Pat Roberts
It's a surprise to me, well, maybe not, that a sitting US Senator would advocate illegal prescription drug use by the President of the United States. Valium is a prescription drug and I'm sure that the studious Senator Roberts wouldn't have made such a comment without knowing that. 
Then again, Senator Roberts and his rhetorical flourish don't even match what his fellow Kansas Senator said. The senior senator of Kansas, Sam Brownback, said the meeting as "testy." I wonder why? It's not like any Republican senators went into the media knowing full well they would only derail the so-called Obama agenda no matter what. It's not like US Senators would actually want to solve the problems facing the nation. Even though most senators don't want to solve problems, and despite the heat of the meeting, most GOP senators saw the get together as a way to speak frankly and directly with the President.
Republican Bob Corker of Tennessee questioned Obama about asking for GOP help when so many major issues have been decided on bitterly partisan lines. 
Brownback said Obama commented on pressure from "his left" and asked the GOP senators to be willing to take heat from their right in order to reach a bipartisan solution to problems.
I would say that the Republicans and Democrats in Congress have been pretty bipartisan this year. They have worked to together to push our problems towards tomorrow and stonewall on real American solutions. You gotta love 'em.

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