Is Elena Kagan Gay or Straight?

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Elena Kagan, Solicitor General and Supreme Court Nominee

Is Elena Kagan gay or straight? That is the question of the day. Atlantic blogger Andrew Sullivan asks the question "So is she Gay?" Sullivan then demands that Kagan, or the administration, tell us whether or not she is, in fact, gay. I ask, is this important?
I don't care if Elena Kagan is gay, straight, or bisexual. Who knows what she is? Not anyone in the media or public at this point. Maybe she's pansexual. I really do not care.
If we are to think that this is an enlightened, smart, open society, then something such as one's sexual orientation should not matter. It is not necessarily offensive to ask someone their sexual orientation, but the context in which the question is asked is critical. In this case, it is offensive to ask Kagan if she is "gay." If she's sexually attracted to women, why should that matter to you or me? Maybe, just maybe, she's not sexually attracted to men or women. Shocking. The sky must be falling. Couldn't she be an asexual? Yes, she could be, but I don't see the media frothing with their serrated fangs to ask that question, or answer it.
AVEN, the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network, says the definition of asexuality is "someone who does not experience sexual attraction." AVEN goes on to say that "sexuality can be fluid, and for some people, sexual inclination may change over a period of time." Maybe, Elena Kagan is gay, but she has no physical sexual attraction. In other words, its personality and all that jazz. Is that such a hard thing to believe in this society? Yes, it is and it should alarm us that we think that way. It is possible that she has an "intellectual attraction" to people. Again, I do not care.
AVEN rightly states that "People form identities around stuff that they need to figure out. People who identify as asexual tend to be trying to figure out how to live full emotionally complete lives without necessarily having to engage in sexual relationships with other people, how to live in a world that places a high premium on sexuality and sexual relationships." If Kagan was an asexual, I would like to know because I find that interesting, more interesting than is she is the run of the mill heterosexual or homosexual. I would find it encouraging that someone is able to transcend the petty sexuality of our modern culture. That's why I don't care if she's gay or straight. If this is a modern society, then things like this shouldn't matter because sexual orientation would fall under the umbrella of one's own personal privacy. Just because we live in the Facebook, networked, Internet age doesn't mean we have to shed our individualism and our personal privacy. 

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