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Hey, Arizona! Try These Out: The World's Worst Immigration Laws has a little write up on the world’s worst immigration or anti-immigration laws. Arizona’s immigration law is not looking so Draconian now. Immigration politics is quite the tricky subject.

Hawaii Legislature Passes Historic Same Sex Civil Unions Bill

In the wake of Illinois State Representative Deb Mell’s announcement that she was getting married to her partner, the legislature of Hawaii has approved a same sex civil unions bill that would give unmarried same sex and heterosexual couples the same rights as married couples under Hawaii law. The bill would still need to be... Read more »

Florida Republican Governor To Run For US Senate As Independent

Charlie Crist, Florida Governor Will Charlie Crist run as an Independent in the Florida US Senate race? Speculation has existed for weeks that he may dump the Republican party and run unaffiliated in the race. Republicans are blasting him, his supporters have an uneasy grin, and Democrats are blasting him. The news and my take... Read more »

Republicans to Debate Financial Reform Bill on Senate Floor

Some of the Republican wall of opposition has been taken down. Senate Republicans have agreed to debate the financial reform package on the Senate floor. Republican leader Mitch McConnell said he wanted Democrats to stop the “the partisan gamesmanship” over financial reform. Like the partisan gamesmanship where he went and met with Big Wall Street... Read more »

Is It Time For Gay Marriage or Civil Unions in Illinois?

Well most simply, yes. One or the other. I definitely agree with instituting civil unions, but I’m not quite sure I can say marriage. But, either way you slice it, Illinois needs it. State Representative Deborah Mell wants it. Should we have it? I’m not even going to argue civil rights on this one, I’m... Read more »

The National Guard on the Streets of Chicago

Is the National Guard necessary on the streets of Chicago? No. However, two state representatives think it is. In what surely must be a stunt, Democrats John Fritchey and LaShawn Ford called on Governor Pat Quinn deploy the Illinois National Guard to patrol the streets of Chicago. Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis wisely said he did not support... Read more »

SOUTHLAND Renewed for Third Season by TNT is reporting that critically acclaimed police drama SouthLAnd has been renewed for a third season on cable network TNT. The shows first season aired on NBC before moving to TNT for its second season. NBC abruptly canceled the show before its second season was set to air (finding it too gritty for network television). TNT... Read more »

Green Monasteries and a Purposeful Politico

Holy Wisdom Monastery The Holy Wisdom Monastery run by Benedictine sisters in Madison, Wisconsin has received the highest ever rating by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system. The Monastery features geothermal heating and photovoltaic lights along with specially designed windows that transmit light, eliminate glare, and grab solar heat... Read more »

Alexi Giannoulias Statement on Broadway Bank Failure

Alexi Giannoulias (Giannoulias Campaign Photo) The Alexi Giannoulias campaign sent out this email today shortly after 8 pm. The email can be seen as Alexi’s side of the story of the Broadway Bank collapse. After coming to America as an immigrant from Greece, my father decided to start his own community bank to help give... Read more »

A "Confirmable" SCOTUS nominee?

What exactly is a “confirmable” Supreme Court nominee? Well, obviously one that can be confirmed. But, what are the qualifications? Empathy, sympathy, psychopathy, x-years on a criminal trial bench, x-years on a civil trial bench, x-years in secret courts? Who knows? Senate Republicans have not ruled out a filibuster for Obama’s next SCOTUS nominee. Republicans... Read more »