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Daley Rightfully Rips Those Who Want To End Residency Requirement for Teachers

“Mayor Daley warned Friday that Chicago would kiss its middle class goodbye by allowing teachers – or any other public employees – to live outside the city.” Those words come from a Chicago Sun-Times report detailing the mayor’s lambasting of a proposals to remove residency requirements for Chicago Public Schools teachers. While Daley may be using... Read more »

Vatican, Pope Face Possible Nuclear Fallout From Sex Abuse Scandals: Should the Pope Resign?

Pope Benedict The legacies of Pope Benedict XVI and John Paul II and Benedict’s current papacy are coming under intense fire from recent fall out over sex abuse scandals rocking the Catholic church. As the Associated Press reports, “the impression remains of a woefully slow-footed church.” With pressure building towards a fever pitch, the Vatican... Read more »

EnergyStar Failure: Government Gives OK To Bogus Green Products

Well, my friends, the government is at it again.  This time, the scandal resides with the EnergyStar program, which approves energy-saving products.  The New York Times reports that the Government Accountability Office submitted twelve bogus products since last June and all the products got approved.  So, if we are going to go green, shouldn’t we... Read more »

Healthcare Drama on the House Floor; Republicans and Democrats Have HCR Wrong

Abortion, socialism, this, that, and the other.  That is all of the bull I’ve heard since Friday. As I am typing this, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) is saying America is at a “crossroads.” He says the “trillion dollar” healthcare bill has caused “fear” among Americans.  Well, it certainly has and Mr. Cantor has had a... Read more »

Cop Rules UPDATE: Response from Chicago Police Department

The other day I wrote an article, “Cop Rules” and now, I have an update for all readers. After emailing the Chicago Police in reference to some points raised in my article, I received an email response. Although I sent my email Monday, March 15th at 5:15 pm, the CPD got back to me today,... Read more »

Fight to Stop "The Incumbent Alderman Protection Act"

“The Incumbent Alderman Protection Act” is the part of the sub-headline of Ben Joravsky’s latest article for the Chicago Reader.  Joravsky’s article focuses on a bill currently floating around the Illinois State House of Representatives.  House Bill 6000, introduced by Rep. Joesph Lyons, amends current state law for the number of petitions needed to get... Read more »

Sam Fuld, Diabetic, Shooting for Cubs Roster Spot

Carrie Muskat, the beat writer for, has a great write up on Sam Fuld today. The young, diabetic outfielder has seen time with Cubs before, last season and in 2007. However, both of those times came as a mid or late season call up. This time around, Fuld is gunning to make the team out... Read more »

Cop Rules: Chicago Police Department to Update Rule Book

The Chicago Police Department’s rule book is a 16 inch stack of sheets.  Now, for the first time in 40 years the rule book will get a makeover from a team made up of officers and civilians. The goal is to reduce the rule book by two thirds in order to make the rules easier... Read more »

Putting A Face on Budget Cuts: Stabbed Teacher Being Laid Off, Expect Similar Stories in the Months Ahead

Carolyn Gilbert. Photo by Stacey Wescott/Tribune. Courtesy of, is the news that an Elgin teacher, who was once stabbed in the eye, is being laid off.  Carolyn Gilbert received notice on Friday that her job was likely to be eliminated because of a $50 million deficit. Gilbert, a family and consumer science instructor, was... Read more »

American Consulate Workers Murdered by Mexican Drug Cartels and What the US Can Do About It

Gunman linked to drug traffickers in Mexico murdered an American consulate worker and her husband over the weekend.  Gunman also murdered the husband of another American consulate worker and injured that workers two children.  All of this violence took place in Ciudad Jaurez.  The New York Times reports that the shootings took place only minutes... Read more »