The Mistress Feels Cheated: Why Tiger Woods Bimbo Deserves No Apology

Today, Tiger Woods gave a an apologetic (and I believe heartfelt) statement (transcript, video) expressing regret for his "irresponsible and selfish behavior."  Now, his behavior is completely indefensible and utterly selfish.  He hurt his children, wife, and family.  However, later in the day one of Woods alleged mistresses, Veronica Siwik-Daniels, better known as porn star Joslyn James, issued a statement of her own.  Ms. Siwik-Daniels was flanked by her attorney, the star lawyer, Gloria Allred. Allred, a self-described "discrimination attorney" and "feminist lawyer," has allegedly gotten a settlement for another of Tiger's alleged mistresses, Rachel Uchitel. 

While I am not really sure what feminism or discrimination have to do with this scandal, I am sure that Allred will represent her clients well and stop all the mean bashing that they do not deserve.  But, I ask, why the hell should these home-wrecking whores get any respect?
The only logical answer to my own question is that those home-wrecking whores deserve no respect.  That is in line with the amount of respect the adulterer Woods deserves.  However, I am not here to attack the hurtful and disappointing actions of Tiger.  Right now, I have my sights set on Joslyn James, Gloria Allred, and their shameful stunt press conference.

Immediately after Woods issued his statement, Allred and James were all set up and ready to go at press conference in Los Angeles.  A stunning statement (one of many) that stuck out to me in Allred's statements was when she said "he led her [James] to believe she was the only woman in his life other than his wife."  So, let me get this straight, Allred has righteous indignation at a cheating husband because he does not acknowledge one of many affairs he has had?  Worse, she defends a porn star, whore, and delinquent mother. 

James, who owes more than ten thousand dollars of back child support, is described by her own stepmother as a "compulsive liar" and "bad mom."  Not only has James had a history of lies, she also claims Tiger impregnated her twice, resulting in an abortion and miscarriage.    Once again, James' stepmother provides us some context saying, "He's no saint, but I don't envy him getting
involved with Joslyn James - she is a bad person who only wants to be
famous."  So, of course a wannabe would climb on the back of a revolting scandal such as this and attempt to extort some sort of hush money out of Woods. 

In further evidence of her revolting nature, James told the television show Inside Edition "she [Tiger's wife] didn't deserve this and she didn't deserve being humiliated."  In my mind, Elin is being humiliated every day by whores, like James, who are selfishly trying to take advantage of the situation for personal gain.  What would James have to lose by not promoting herself and her alleged affairs with Tiger?  Well, for one a heck of a lot of publicity.  I had never heard of her.  She probably was not making money any more considering the way she is described by here family.  So, James stood only to gain by coming out of the shadows. 

It is almost sickening to think about this whore, she is nothing more, and her exploitative attempts to gain a buck.  Besides her stepmom, Siwik-Daniel's sister said "my sister doesn't care about anybody but herself." 

Back to Allred, who described Woods' apology as "a staged public relations stunt" and "a disgrace."  Why so high and might when you are essentially using the same tactics you railed against?  James and Allred's press conference was nothing more than a "staged public relations stunt" and a "disgrace."  It was disgraceful to Elin Woods and every wife that has ever been cheated on.  It was an affront to dignity, respect, and integrity.  It was a sham, a farce, a cavalcade of hullabaloo. 

Allred described Tiger needing "lying rehab" and "betrayal rehab."  How about James not betraying her duty to her child and paying up some of that porn money she makes.  How about not lying at all about any details of her trysts with Woods.  Better yet, if she really feels bad for Elin and Tiger's kids, how about she shuts the hell up completely and does not open her mouth in public again until she cleans up her own act. 

Allred also demanded that Tiger explain why he lied to James "over and over again."  Well, Tiger certainly owes apologies to many people, but none of the women he screwed around with deserve and apology.  By all accounts, they all knew they were getting down with a married man and a father nonetheless.  This makes them just as complicit in destroying Tiger's family as he is. 

So, while Joslyn and Allred wait for their apology from Tiger Woods, I say and hope that they wait a long time.  Hopefully, that time is forever because they do not deserve anything but shame for their actions and shame for the degradation they bring up on Elin and Tiger's children.

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