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Illinois Political News & Comment

Sorry for not posting in a while.  I have been a tad busy. In this edition of Political News & Comment: state budget want to be the Democratic Lt. Gov. nominee? free rides for old folks and more State BudgetThe administration of Governor Pat Quinn has started a new budget website for the state. Read more »

Regulating the Regulators: Why did Toyota slip past U.S. auto regulators?

Today, a very telling piece in the New York Times detailed how Toyota, time and again, was able push past potential safety problems even when confronted by U.S. regulators.  Documents released by Toyota describe how the company negotiated with American regulators in order to achieve outcomes more favorable to the company.  As a consumer, this... Read more »

The Mistress Feels Cheated: Why Tiger Woods Bimbo Deserves No Apology

Today, Tiger Woods gave a an apologetic (and I believe heartfelt) statement (transcript, video) expressing regret for his “irresponsible and selfish behavior.”  Now, his behavior is completely indefensible and utterly selfish.  He hurt his children, wife, and family.  However, later in the day one of Woods alleged mistresses, Veronica Siwik-Daniels, better known as porn star... Read more »

Illinois Lieutenant Governor's RACE: Madigan and the Black Community

As the Chicago Tribune reported Monday, several black politicians have sent Democratic Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan a letter voicing their concerns over the selection of a new Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor.  The Tribune reports that Congressmen Bobby Rush, Jesse Jackson Jr., and Danny Davis have all signed the letter that asks for “uniform,... Read more »

Keith Olbermann and Diversity in Cable News

So, I was checking various tweets on my twitter feed when I came across this tweet from Emily Miller.  Miller’s tweet referenced this tweet from the formerly bow tied Tucker Carlson.  Tucker’s link led to the, a website he recently helped create.  On the front page of the Daily Caller was a picture of... Read more »

First Post

Hello and welcome to The Lowe Down.  This is the very first post, and I will use this as an opportunity to introduce you to what you will be finding on this blog. When I gave my pitch to the ChicagoNow staff, I said The Lowe Down will be a “mesh of news, opinions, and... Read more »