Top Five Reasons Barack Obama Should be a ONE-TERM PRESIDENT!

Top Five Reasons Barack Obama Should be a ONE-TERM PRESIDENT!

Michele Bachmann, while pursuing the Republican nomination for President of the United States in 2012, has coined a simple, yet effective, phrase that speaks to every person who prays and hopes to see Barack Obama ousted: "Let's make Barack Obama a ONE-TERM PRESIDENT!"

While watching her Town Hall meeting tonight, in Charleston, South Carolina, hosted by Tim Scott, I decided to jot down a quick list of five personal examples of what could be accomplished if Barack Obama was a ONE-TERM PRESIDENT and Bachmann would take over! Also, Obamacare is being run by federal tax agents! Which leads me to my next point...

2. Ability to Revise the Tax Code. Taxes are insane, and we simply have to erase the ledger and start over again. I really don't see how we could keep the nasty system we have now. We have to look through history, see what has worked, see what hasn't worked, and create a tax code that is fair for EVERY darn American and not just the rich, fat-cats sitting in their easy-chairs sipping brandy with Obama!

3. Reducing Spending. Spending is insane in America right now. Do you agree? And most of the spending is unnecessary, including insane salaries for Government employees, up to the amount of $170,000 a person! Everywhere you look in the American political system, you see gross overspending and unneeded funds sent to people who don't DESERVE that money! If we reduce spending, we'll regain our standing in the world, our Triple-A Credit Rating, and our pride in American politics!

4. Add Jobs, not in the Government, but where they really count! I don't want to see 15 people on one Federal Committee, 14 of which do NOTHING! I want more locals jobs, for construction workers who want to toil for an honest wage. Helpers for farmers who grow our food and who have have worked every second of their life to earn an honest wage! I want to see my local town, Addison, flourish with new jobs and become a model American town, as every town should be. Because, as we know, American towns are the BEST towns!

5. Help Rise America Back to #1! How can this be done? Well. That's a whole other list of items!

1. Accept Conservative ideals.

2. Deport Illegal Aliens! Get them OUT of our country, please! Though it may cost Government money, I believe we should have a task force to sweet every part of this country and take them away from our soil! It'll take a long time and it'll be a pain, but they must be kicked out now!

3. Regain Republican control of the Senate.

4. Stop kowtowing to other nations and apologizing for EVERY LITTLE THING! We should show that we mean business!

5. Of course, kick Barack out of office! America is the best place to be and it can continue to be for years to come, and I relish that I am a part of this massive change in America! And that's TRUE change, not Barack Obama-promised "Change"!


These steps may seem simple, but they are just the ticket for what we need to turn this country around!

Yes, they are influenced by Michele Bachmann, but they also include my own ideals!

Simple solutions to bloated, sad problems. That is all I, and millions of Americans, want!

I believe that if we truly love our country, which we all should, it should be simple to convince the bloated Government to listen to us!

That's why the Tea Party wants.

That is what Michele Bachmann wants.

That is what I, Steven, want!

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