Michele Bachmann wins the Ames, Iowa Republican Straw Poll

Michele Bachmann wins the Ames, Iowa Republican Straw Poll

A mere few minutes ago, I sat in a feverish state, watching Fox News and wondering what the results of the Ames, Iowa Republican Straw Poll, the first major test for republican candidates, would be.

But just as soon as the nervousness set in, the joy soon followed. As I listened to the results, in a cold sweat, I nearly fell off my bed when I heard the results, which were just as I had prayed for.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann won the Straw Poll with 4,823 votes, with Ron Paul a close second at 4,671 votes and Tim Pawlenty rounding out the trio at 2,293 votes.

Mitt Romney, who has been ahead in all the major polls, is criticized for not campaigning in Iowa enough, and therefore didn't place as well as he could have.

Newt Gingrich, Hermann Cain, recently-announced Rick Perry (who was a write-in for this Poll) rounded out the group in lower numbers.

Bachmann came into Iowa as the front-runner, but this victory clearly marks an official start to an already legendary campaign.

Chris Cillizza, of The Washington Post, describes the day in Iowa for Bachmann and also her pre-Poll preparations:

"Taking no chances, Bachmann saturated the state with television ads in the run-up to the Straw Poll and barnstormed across the state in the final days before the vote. (On Friday, she did five events including an evening rally in which she through cornballs into the crowd and jitterbugged with her husband, Marcus, on stage.)

On site at Ames, her operation had the whiff of disorganization in its early hours as long lines formed of people hoping to get into her tent — where Randy Travis was playing.

But the sheer numbers of Bachmann supporters became apparent as the day wore on. Lines and crowds stayed constant around her tent while the crowds ebbed away from Pawlenty."


It is no surprise that Bachmann is my candidate.

I have said it before and I'll say it 800 million times until November 2012: She is the best candidate Republicans have to offer.

She is articulate, has a definite plan to make America #1 again and is simply an amazing woman to boot!

Bachmann appeals to the normal American. Not the burecrats in Washington. Not the billionaires in Newport. The honest, hard-working Joe who loves America and wishes that she were her Old Glory once again!

Bachmann promises us a better America, and with this poll, I think we have finally decided to take her up on her generous offer!

Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty sag behind, because they can't match Bachmann for her candor and her can-do attitude!

Bachmann did well in Iowa because she connected with the average Iowan who loves their state, and America as a whole!

Whatever your opinion is of her, you can't deny that she loves America and wants us to be a great nation again, and not a joke!

We are a great nation, people, and it's up to you and me and Michele Bachmann to bring America back to where it needs to be, and take it AWAY from Barack Obama's grimy hands!

To quote Miss Bachmann herself: "We get to send a message to Barack Obama.  And the message is this:  You are finished in 2012, and you will be a one-term president."

To visit Michele Bachmann's official campaign website, follow THIS link and show your support!

Also, feel free to comment on this blog and say who YOU think is the best candidate for America? Do the Ames, Iowa Polls represent what you think?

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