A Weekly Campaign Message from Michele Bachmann (8/27/11)

A Weekly Campaign Message from Michele Bachmann (8/27/11)

(I have started getting weekly campaign updates from Republican Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann, so I thought I'd share each one I receive at the end of the week. This one I received yesterday, covering the week from Saturday August 20th to Saturday August 27th. Feel free to respond and to visit Michele's website for more information!)

"Dear Steven,

Greetings from the beautiful state of South Carolina. I have spent the past week in the Palmetto State, meeting with concerned Americans who, like yourself, are worried about the direction President Obama is taking our nation.

Last night I was proud to participate in a town hall in North Charleston, South Carolina, where Rep. Tim Scott and I had an open discussion with citizens of South Carolina about the issues currently facing our nation. I was also honored to share the stage with Governor Nikki Haley, who asked me how I would handle the current situation with the National Labor Relations Board's attacks on Boeing as the President of the United States. You can watch the question from Governor Haley -- and my response -- here.

With the Straw Poll victory in Ames, and many successful town halls in South Carolina & Iowa, August has certainly been a great month for our campaign. September promises to be just as exciting, as our campaign heads down to the Sunshine State next week, and I will be participating in three upcoming debates next month.

I encourage you to watch the debates as I discuss with the other candidates how I will create jobs, turn our economy around and take your voice to the White House as president.

Since the beginning of our campaign, I have been humbled by the outpouring of support from Americans like you. Your energy for our movement continues to encourage me and I am looking forward to continuing to share our conservative message around the United States.

Below, I've included some informative articles about the past week. I hope that you'll read them and share them with family and friends, and then send me feedback on my Facebook page.


Michele Bachmann

P.S. Recently, I recorded a video describing my childhood and Midwestern Roots. I hope you will take a minute to watch it today, and learn about my background and goals for this country. "

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