My Email Letter to Oprah Winfrey...and Her REPLY!

My Email Letter to Oprah Winfrey...and Her REPLY!

     Many celebrities have achieved the fame that Oprah Winfrey has, and few have had as many fans as she has.
     Earlier today, I sent Oprah Winfrey an email, since she gave our her Email address during her last show, and I got a reply back just now! It was a form letter I received back from her, but still OPRAH WINFREY SENT ME AN EMAIL! You have no idea how happy that makes this little fan. Oprah sure knows how to excite her fans, me included!

     Oprah, despite her flaws, inspires us on a daily basis and I will continue to support, and criticize, one of the most brilliant women in the world...

My Letter:

Greetings, Ms. Winfrey!

     I had to write to you today, because
for my entire short life (19 years, almost 20) I have dreamed of
talking with you, if only for a short few moments.
my entire life, you have been a constant source of inspiration for me.
Your whole life reads like an inspirational novel, forcing those of us
who read it to look at our lives and learn from every single thing, good
or bad, that happens in our either exciting or drab lives. You have
been through so much and the fact that you are, quoting Stephen Sondheim
"through good times and bum times", still here is a constant source of
inspiration for not only me, but millions of other friends,
nay...extended Oprah family
     My life hasn't been perfect, but thanks to you, I have
learned to enjoy every minute of it, no matter what has happened that
might dissuade me from having a positive attitude.
I have learned to walk through my days with a smile on my face and a
cheer in my step, despite every little negative thing that may happen.

I am a journalist, I have a little blog online, AND I'm in college,
training to be an Opera Singer/Actor. I just appeared in a production of
Woody Allen's Don't Drink the Water.
I just hoped you would be proud that I trudged through many a bad
audition and continued to audition despite my negative thoughts, thanks
to all the things I have learned from you over the years.

will end this letter with the pledge that I will never stop watching,
reading and taking in every thing that you do, because I
find that I really connect with the true Steven when I do. I will wait
every month for my O: The Oprah Magazine to come in the mail and I will
watch OWN with the fevered glee of a small child unwrapping a present at

I hope all is well in your world and that you are staying positive,
despite the major changes that are taking part in your life. You will
continue to do great things, Ms. Winfrey, and I will be there with you
every step of the way!

Keep on Smiling!

Steven Krage

Oprah's Reply:

Got your email.
Thank you for watching the finale. I could feel your beating hearts, along with mine, through the TV screen.
I'm off to take a little rest, and then I'll get busy working on OWN. 

Take care of yourself.

I'll write soon,


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  • Great minds think alike. I sent an email to her as well on the day of her finale, asking her to consider doing a segment on OWN regarding celiac disease. I write the blog "Gladly Gluten Free" here on ChicagoNOW about celiac and all things gluten free. As you so eloquently put in your letter to her, she has inspired many and can inform many through her network. Be on the lookout for another email from her in the next few days, titled "Hello from vacation". Who cares if it is a form letter. It's exciting to see Oprah Winfrey in your inbox :)

  • In reply to ryoung1201:

    My Dear Oprah, I have wanted to write you for so many years, I feel you are the only one that can help me. I have been writing a couple books for like 7 yeras and I need help from a ghost writer to help me get them together. One is about Plantation life and life on a farm in days gone by. I did more research just to be able to write this book.I did a of of praying to get it perfect. Then the other book is my Dream as a child. I wanted to ride in a fire engine, it finally happpened 57 yeras later in south carolina on national tv..It was when Hurricane Hugo hit South Carolina and we went down and help the town and fed them and gave gifts to all.I helped children forget there pain and laugh.I am not interested in making a lot of money, I just want my books written, James

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    In reply to ryoung1201:

    I'm hoping u can help, I'm wanting to send her an email but I'm not very computer davy and can't even find the email address-if u could help me that would be great, thanks and happy new year

  • In reply to Robin Zee:

    Well Robin like you, I am not computer savvy either. Tablet surprisingly I can use better than my laptop. I can't crash the tablet. My reason for replying to your post: Have you found oprah's email address? If so could you email it to me at ? I am going to Google "Oprah's finale show and see if I can find it to watch as obviously for some reason I missed it. So maybe , you too, can find it that way if you have not found it already. Again, if you do have it...please share as i will with you if I should find it. I bookmarked this pg (can't even believe I learned about bookmarking) in order to find this page again if needed. Thank you either way...signed Jona

  • She is a smart woman. Keeping her viewers and moving them to the new network with her.

  • Oprah sure knows how to connect, even the auto-replies sound like she's talking just to you.

  • clearly autoreply. but at least she's trying to make people feel wanted!

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    Hi Miss. Oprah Winfrey. You are a very bless women, I love the things you are doing to help people, I' am praying that you can help me, I wrote a book call. Open the door to a better day plantation it took me two year's to write it. It's ready to be release but I don't have$170, and am scare, I believe I might need a lawyer, also I'am working on 7 more books, God gave me another change, I had lost everything, but not my life I can't work any more my health is poor, but I keep going on. Mrs Oprah my book is real good, I really believe it will become a movie one day, all my other books that I'am working on now they are good, my one book that I'am working on is call I don't want to go to church, please I need your help. My publisher is Xlribris Publishing, my first book I'am so proud of me, only thing I ever finish doing was having my three children, I have so much I want to tell you! I told my 86 year old mom that she will meet you, and I hope that I can keep that promise. Call me at 216 938 5280. Hope to hear from you. God Bless You!

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    please i want Oprah e mail urgently in private mine is please send it to me in mine

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    Hello Oprah! It good to see you on tv everyday. I had email you a while back. I pay for my book to be publish, Oprah I still have a few miss spell words in my book, my daughter call me and said mom your book is very good, but you have miss spell words, I told my daughter maybe one day I will have it change. I have seven more books that am working on now. I am not smart when it come to spelling I will get better. Oprah I want my book to turn into a movie, my book is better then the movie Help, and Help is a good movie, Oprah please read my book, and help me, I need your help! God bless me to write, my life I had mess up so bad I may so many mistake and now I can't work anymore I suffer will bad with Sciatica some days the pain be so bad were I just don't want to live I'am 56 years old I hate like hell am poor. So now I'am trying my best to do something to change my life from begin poor. Oprah even though am poor I will help someone. God bless you Oprah

  • In reply to Sweetwater Mccowns:

    your so sweet i can make any drem of yours come true

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    Dear Mam,

    I am Biswarup Nath from india. I have heard your name many times. I wanna meet to you. I have a N.G.O. for orphan children. I want to this big .Pls help me. waiting for your reply.

    My cell no : 91-0-96811 52095.



  • HI MISS OPRAH. IM am your number one fan i have u all over my room myfavorite babyshow was yours and noggin i have this big dream i hope u can make it true because i want o be a supermodel. i live at 2384 nostrandavenue between j and k zipcode:11210 my number:3472912277 thank you and plz write back....


  • I have wrote to opra in telling her that i have wrote two books that are true stories about my abused life and the other about my sixteen year old son dieing in my arms due to paramedics taking seventy min to respond.i have four other children that iam taking care of with one pay and iam struggling iam going to loose everything if i dont get help with my books soon i dont have the money for the publishing co to take them matter what the weather i walk to work because my car is always broke down but my children mean the world to me.i sent oprah my books and a letter and pictures of my children including a picture of my son that passed away and i wanted oprah to read the books and hopefully she could have helped me and my children.ian in despert need of help. the oprah show sent my the package back refused and they never gave my children a chance.that is all i ever wanted.please someone tell me what i could do for my children so oprah can read my books and give my children a chance thank you. christina

  • dear oprah this is christina again and im want you to know that my dream has always been to contact you about my two books and to let you know that they were true stories.both books are extreemly bone chilling. everything iam doing is for my four children.2010 my sixteen year old son past away in my arms. he had diabeties and we never knew that he had it.there was nothing that i could do on june/1/2010 to save his life.before he past away years prier he told me that one day i would get the money to publish my book but i never had the money to do it.after my son passed i had friends that helped me get the book published because they knew that my son wanted it as bad as i did.but even after the book was published it hasent went any where b ecause the world dosent know about it opra this is why i need your help i need the world to find out about the book and maby i can enspire other women that have been abused as a child and to let them know that they can make it through life.oprah i work hard every day for my children and it is just n ot enough.i have to walk to work every day no matter what the weather because if i dont my children would be on the street. and that is what scares me now because i dont make enough money for the bills.i dont want my children on the street and if i dont get help soon then that is where they will be. my husband worked for 26 years but when our son pased away in our home we gave our house up and moved to virgina.we also owned a truck and lost that.we went from home owners to renters.oprah iam asking you please can you help my children i have already lost one child and god knows i dont want to loose my other four children. my books are called a life of abuse by christy.m. and his life was lost/ go to trafford book store. i love you and your show oprah and i know that you are the only one that can help me and my children.

  • hi oprah its crystal again me and my children are hopeing to hear from you soon.please give us a chance and reply soon.

    thank you from our hearts.

  • dear oprah it me crystal again please respond to my letter soon me and my children need your help thank you so much oprah and we all love love you.

    my email adress is mooneychristina

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    dear mrs. winfrey, I have always wanted to write to you, so here it is ,i am an excombat ,army medic 91b who is a cuban american 50yrsold an now on disability ssi for 9 yrs now i love what you stand for! thank you for being a great role model to me and millions others growing up! I am on low income right now but thank god for your mentoring I am not giving up on my dreams i build dog houses sm, med ,and large here in miami fla. I started a non profit called recycling lives in action for compassion! after the book of james, I help the homeless persons who I like to call people who are homeward bound , animals who are also homeward bound aswell !which is why i am writing to you my dogs have save my life over years of depression there uncondition love is the greatest medicine I have ever found an I am sure you agree! as a christian I have stood against some evil people one person I have in mind is a man named mike h. I have known him for 9yrs he is the kind of person that is always planning evil things on people all the time under handed plots

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    so oprah if some on your staff please call me at 7862178335 so i could get help for my dogs and my self thank you ! yours gregory duque!

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    my pastor kandi ph is 3057470170 over the killing of baron and two other dogs by jim hydinger my new landlord because of the false case put on me by mike h. which left me 9 days in jail innocent and my dogs left to die nightmare city thank you! i need to relocate to another home can,t find one yet need help case with jenn of peta!

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    I feel so out of it while I read the articles in Oprah Magazine. I can't afford what is advertised. My goodness I truly feel like a failure sometimes. I subscribe to the mag for the knowledge that is shared. Deepak is by far the most meaningful article I have read by far. He gives me hope, hope for some one who is doing the best she can. Why is there so much emphasis on things? We are living within our means and yet we struggle. I am in love with everything about Oprah. Thank younOprah for giving me hope. You are my hero.

  • HI oprah I herd that one of your gards called my dad and said if one of your girls send a messge to oprah im tellin you when i herd this i was yelling so much because you are my idle and i hope ypu can make my dream come true. Also my sister was wondering if you can make her dream come true to she says that she wants to be the worlds most young super star singer she was singing since she 6 and now she is 10 my mom and dad try to make our dream come true but they cant but i know one person in my mind who can make that happen you so please read this and make come true from:Cecilia Mathieu Thank You

  • In reply to ceecee:

    Good day my name is renai dupreez 30 years of age the the reas why im sending this msg is hoping oneday sumday miss oprah will read this an reply I dont knw wer to start or we to begin i live in south africa a small town george in a local area called europe i have four sisters the youngest 18 an my older sister recently past away of cancer .she was my ideal the one whome i can speak to every single day an she wud always have answer to my problems now i have no one to speak to i feel so lost so broke so mad at life an cancer my sister was the one who had the life great job gud husband an three beautyfull daughters jonelle 12 .lilani 8 an kaylee 2 .know ther mom is gone an they still so small. We grew up with a poor background my sister wer the one always looking after my mum father an sisters an her family also my father owns a small local business but thers no income lets say he gives to the poor an dnt she wot he works for. My second olders sister works bt ther are months wer her salary cant even pay al her debt or provide for herself an her child my third sister doesnt work we straggling ever single day an my mum im so affraid sumting going to happen with her cause she is worried wot going to happen wth us sins my sister not ther anymore. Im trying my best to try help bt my salary is to low i pay so little an i have so many debt an a 10year old daughter i raise wth out her father. we stay in a small house with so little space.i wish god can help me thro all this cause all i see knw is now light only darkness.

    Regards renai du preez
    South africa
    Email. Rene.dupie.
    Please help me

  • oprah i need your help my mom is very sick. no hospitals will help her. she is on her death bed with now! she is in so much pain. we really need some help. or i will lose my mom! please help us i would love that. and also can you pray!!!!!

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    Dear Oprah,
    Have always wanted to email you because I see you as a very compassionate person but always said I dont matter. I am a mother of five children living in a motel in boise idaho. I pray everyday for my family. We do not qualify for anything as far as housing. I am very discouraged yet my kids are my life. They are bright and loving children.As I sit here I know I am no law maker, entertainer or someone of any importance. Yet as I sit here I realize that it is almost Thanksgiving and I am very greatful for my kids. Their father recently went to jail, so yet agian we are desolate and have no home. I am an optimistic person. I am a fighter and will do whatever I have to for my family. Getting a job in this economy is very hard. I had to drop my classes till january 2013. I know your shows are about hope. Nickole, my oldest is so beautiful she is my right hand shes 15, my son James, 14 is such a sweet kid, David, 13 is so helpful and caring. Jordan, 10 is a beatiful girl that is the most loving affectionate kid, and of course my baby boy Patrick, hes my 9 year old mommas boy. They are my strength, life. I take every breath with them. They give me hope every day. My options are nill. My credit is horrible so a rent to own is even difficult. Yet where we stay is also volitile to the development of my kids. I need help. I pray that someone can help us, we work together as a family to make things better! Thanksgiving and Christmas are very dim but I know god is watching over us and has managed to keep a roof over our head. I am a very hard worker, and I absolutely love my family. Can you help?

  • Please Help Send me to Australia for the summer! Any amount of money helps. Heres my GoFundMe account:
    It has more info about my situation. PLEASE help

  • Hello Oprah and followers! I am new to Chicago Now and am pleased to connect, share and network with all of you on what's going on in the world, your lives and Oprah's hot topics!! Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Carolyn Paige and I am an author and have recently published my first children's book titled: The Boy & the Giftless Tree. This book would be great for all you parents who have children with high expectations of Christmas. You can support this book with your likes on Oprah, it would be an honor and a pleasure to have my book as part of a children's segment. Thank you all for you time and Oprah keep doing what your doing...

  • Add this book to your child's library! And don't go "giftless" for Christmas..get The Boy & the Giftless Tree TODAY online at Amanzon or Barnes & Noble. Visit: to support this book with your likes. Stay tuned for the musical play version of this book premiering the holiday of 2013 in Newport News, VA!

  • Hi Mrs.Oprah my name is Tamia , I am 11 years old and i love to write and draw. I really love to watch you on own and the celebrity stars.
    I think you are a very special and talented person. I pray that God will continue to bless and keep you. One of my desire is to one day meet you.
    I wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

  • Hi miss Oprah Winfrey we love your Tv shows and i was wonder if you could please send me and my family an Autograph picture of you if you would not mine please our address is
    Terry poling
    221 Arthur Hardison L.n
    Rose Hill N.c 28458

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    Dear Oprah,

    During the year of 1995 my mother's life took an unexpected turn in regards with her health. This was immediately after she had given birth to myself, she was diagnosed with focal segmental glomerulonephritis, a severe kidney disease. My name is Jakia Hill and my family and I are on mission to save my mother's life, here is the story of my mother's 17 year fight with this kidney disease.
    In the year of 2000 my mother received a kidney transplant which was a blessing to my brothers and I. We had the best mother we could ever imagine and now she was in perfect health condition. Our mother managed an in home day-care center and eventually became a hairstylist while she was healthy. Everything was going extremely well until the year of 2006. I started to notice my mother not feeling well, I remember seeing her search for medicine that was mandatory for her to survive. Just six years after her transplant, my mother could no longer afford the medications she needed to survive which led her body into rejection of her transplanted kidney. I recall the numerous hospital stays and the days where my mother just wasn't herself.
    Unfortunately in the year of 2009, my mother was put on dialysis for the second time. This was devastating to us as a family but this is where our journey began once again for a kidney donor. Throughout my life I have watched my mother fight this disease day in and day out. I cant even begin to explain the exceptional mother she has been to my brothers and I, we wouldn't know to do if we lost her which is why we are reaching out to you.
    Doctors have made it very clear that a second transplant is essential in order to save my mother's life. Since this is my mother's second transplant the possibility of her finding a donor are not so high. As a family we looked into other options and were blessed to find an incompatible program at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. This program will make it eligible for any person to become a donor regardless of their blood type and the surgery will detox the antibodies in her body to prevent another rejection. My oldest brother as well as my grandfather have been tested however, they are ineligible to be donors due to health issues.This is just one aspect of our kidney journey however,there is another part as well.
    The average kidney transplant costs about $250,000, however this is just the beginning. Even with health coverage my mother still faces extraordinary medical expenses. For the rest of my mother's life she will need follow-up care and daily anti-rejection medications. Post-transplant medications are expensive however they are crucial to our mother's survival as the actual transplant itself.
    Approaching the transplant, my mother would have to relocate 100 miles from her home to be near to transplant center for at least six weeks during recovery, incurring substantial expenses for travel, food, and lodging.The financial needs that come along with saving my mother's life are abundant which I why we have began raising money for her transplant. We have partnered with the National Foundation for Transplants (a non-profit organization) in an effort to assist us in raising money for our mother's transplant. Regardless of the cost of saving our mother's life, we will continue to fight for it because the price of our mother's life is priceless.
    If in any way you guys could assist us fight this journey, it would be greatly appreciated. We have events such as donation tables at Walmart, Raffle tickets, and more. Our next event coming up will be held at Applebee's on March 2, 2013 during breakfast hours from 8 a.m til 10 a.m. The tickets are $8, if you would like to come and support please call Crystal at 856.520.7349. If you would just like to make a donation you can do so at:
    National Foundation For Transplants
    New Jersey Transplant Fund
    In Honor of Crystal Perkins
    5359 Poplar Avenue, Suite 430
    Memphis, TN 38119

  • Dear Dearest Oprah, 3/13/2013

    My name is Lasonia Newton. I am a 41 year old wife and mom. I love you and have always been a huge fan of yours. I admire the way you are a loving caring person and are always helping less fortunate people in desperate situations. All my life I have wanted to be able to help people and did it whenever I could. Unfortunately, now it is my time to ask for help. That is why I am writing you...My husband is VERY sick. Without your help I may lose him. Here is our story...

    My husband, David, and I were high school sweethearts. We were each others' first and only true loves. We were married right out of high school in the summer of 1990. David worked as an auto mechanic in a small garage and I was a stay at home wife. We were only married a few short months before David fell very ill. He woke up with severe fatigue and juandice one morning and I rushed him to the local ER. They said they thought it was just simple hepatitis. They sent him home on bed rest and he seemed to get better within a few days. So back to work he went. But his juandice lingered on... Being low income we had no health insurance, so we didn't follow up with a doctor.

    A few months later I found out I was pregnant. This was NOT planned. I gave birth at 33.5 weeks to a beautiful premature son. I named him Kyle. He stayed in the NICU for a week before he came home. He was deemed to be healthy. As he matured we began to see developmental and mental problems in him. Therefore, I decided to continue to be a stay at home wife/mom to take care of his needs. He is now 21 years old and still has problems. Therefore he hasn't been able to work. Unfortunately, we have been denied disability two times on him already.

    In 1994, David became very ill again. This time we finally found out what it was he truly had. It is a rare liver disease he was born with that had lain dormant until he was 20 years old. It is called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). He also has a bowel disease called Ulcerative Colitis (UC). The only possible cures for these diseases are a liver tansplant for the PSC and a colectomy (colon removal) for the UC. In 1998, David had a liver transplant for the PSC and his UC went into remission. He did really good and went back to work a month later. He got a better paying job so he was finally able to get health insurance. We thought he was healthy and all would be good now. Turns out, we were very wrong...

    Well, in 2004, the PSC came back in his new liver and his UC flared again. His health has went downhill ever since. The first time he was sick, he worked as much as he could up until his transplant but this time he had to go out on disability right away. It took over 2 years for him to get his disability check started. The check is very small compared to what we were used to when he had to quit working. The three of us are living on only $1389.00 a month. We could make it on that amount but...
    Over the years we had to rely heavily on credit cards due to David's poor health and his inability to work steadily. Many times we fell short when David was too sick to work and had to use them for food or utility bills. Plus having no health insurance caused us to pile up big medical bills. Over the years we have been forced to put some of his medical bills on credit cards. Now the expenses are overwhelming us. Lately we have spent a lot more time in the hospital. He is having many complications and they are starting to prepare him to be re-listed for another liver. All of this is very costly. The gas to and from the hospital/doctors, the parking deck fees, the copays and deductibles, the having to eat out away from home, etc.

    Now that we have a stable income again with his monthly disability check (even though it is very low), we could work out a budget and live within it if only we didn't have the credit card bills to pay any more. As it is right now, we are so broke we can only eat 1 meal some days. This is very unhealthy for David as poor nutrition and stress makes his condition much worse. We do get food stamps but only get $142.00 per month. We are looking for someone to help give us a fresh start for the sake of David's failing health. We were hoping maybe that would be you. We swear to never use any credit cards again if we can get out from under these. Once the cards are paid off we won't have a "NEED" for the cards anymore and will cut up the cards, cancel the accounts, and pay cash for everything from now on, but right now the payments on them are eating up our cash. We are in a a sinkhole we can't get out of. The credit cards total around $25,000.00 and the monthly payments are over $500.00. Could you please help us out? We surely would be grateful for the rest of our life and if we ever got the chance we promise we would pay it forward to someone else in need.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you are willing to help us here is our contact info:

    Lasonia Newton
    1203 Jacksonville Street
    Weaver, Al. 36277
    (256) 820-7882

    Lasonia & David Newton

  • Hi my name is tytianna aka baby tyti I am 14 years of age and I went thu so much things in lyfe June 13 of 2008 my brother died in front of my eyes I couldnt speak for a year and the only way i can express my feelings is in a rap so I rap and rap and post videos on YouTube at baby tyti I believe in God so I'm saying plz help me the money for going to the studio I use cause my school needs books and other materials we use the same books avery year plz help us urs truly baby tyti
    Contact num=414-610-2909

  • opera ive always watched your show..and I was wanting to know if you would be able to help me find my cuzins...we have been looking and looking all around for them and never found name is KEAIRA PATRICEE DAVIS..the last time I saw them was when I was 3 now I am 15 bout to turn 16..thats how long weve been looking for them if you could please email me at( realy thank you I want to see my cuzins for the last time cuz u never know what has happened or whats going on...WE NEED TO FIND THEM SOON..THEY HAVE A NICE THAT THEY HAVENT EVEN SEEN YET N SHES EVEN ASKING ABOUT THEM SHES ONLY 4..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE THANKS SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!:)


    830-613-4623 OR 830-385-3557 THANKS SOOO MUCH

  • im African American 15 years old..!

  • Hi m
    Oprah my name is Fatima . I am a mother of two children and marry to Mohamed who people constantly thinks he look like usher. I have a very happy marriage and I intend to keep it that way. I am one of your greatest admirer and I have watching your show since I came to the us. You cannot imaging how much you have inspired me. You are a real mentor, and through you inspiration my life had been a peaceful like a flowing river. But one major thing am craving for is to meet with you in person . my email address

  • I was sorry to hear your last comments about leaving own. I just want You to know I am a white girl raised in the north, with the same life you described. My mother and I washed clothes as your Grandmother did, we hung them on the line, etc. I ironed for five cents a basket when I was eight, and that was only half of what we did for eight of us to survive in the early fifties. The molesting also happened but was never discussed and still has not been. So you see blacks and whites, north and south are not that different. we need to be united, and leave different alone.

  • why Oprah has billionaire makes rich, she should help poor people, sick people, animals save life! she must stop selfish being rich!!! rich isn't worth. God is more important than rich!!!!

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    Oprah, I have a question for you . But first let me tell you My son plays football for a Charter school in Az. They have tried to get a football feild for the kids to play on their own feild. But the funding is way to high. The football players need that so the expences will go down so they won't have to travel to the city park to play all their home games. The fees for that is ppretty expensive and not in the buget. The school football team. won State Championship 3 years ago the team is called The WolfPack, haveing there own feild would build self esteem and save them money. Is there anything you can do to help these kids, the school is in Apache Junction, Az. The school is called Apache Trail High school.

  • Most humbly it's an honor to be able to write you. I am a 37 year old woman who God has truly blessed to help others. I help single mothers and fathers who have no where to live. The problem is that I live in a three bedroom home with my husband and 3 children my husband is a barber and I am full time student at Tacoma Community College in Washington state. we don't have the funds to get a big enough house to help all the families we would like to help. Most of the people we have helped are from other cities and new here in Tacoma some have been evicted with children ages 2mths- 13years of age. I know that God is able to provide because he always makes a way for us to help the people who really need it. But I would like for someone to sponsor us at not just providing a place to live but also parenting classes for the young teen mothers, free daycare for those parents wanting to go back to school and better them selves while in our living quarters. I have never reached out to anyone before but this is something God has laid on my heart and I would be honored if you would sponsor us with a grant to help us get started on a mission that we so humbly desire to do. Thanks for your time I have faith that you will respond and help us in a major way. Thanks for all that you are doing in the world that we live in. One good deed at a time lets the world know someone cares. Thanks once again Triece.

  • Hello Oprah I to have enjoyed and appreciate your show my name is Betty and I need help in finding the right guy for me. I am a former NBA players wife who was beat and abused for 13 years of the 20 years I was with him. It stemmed from my child hood. When I was born my father disowned me because I came out light skin when my two older sisters were dark skin. My father did not think I was his and he treated me that way. He beat me for years, until my oldest sister asked him why he beat me so much and he beat her. His way of beating was to put me on my knees and put my head in between his two legs and close his legs tight and pull my legs up and choke me while he was beating me. that went on for years my mom was sick a lot and she couldn't do much because she was a abuse woman to. He use to beat her a lot as well, I can still hear her screams. After I was born my oldest brother was born and he came out light skin so my father really poured it on because of that, not until my younger brother who is 8 years younger than me came out light skin is when he slowed down with the beatings. When I turned 12 years old my sisters and brothers has had enough of my dad beating my mom so my brother gave my dads gun and others grabbed knives and other things and told him he had to go before someone got hurt and he did. after that my dating with men were similar to my dad. I meet my NBA husband when I was 19 years old and in the beginning he treated me like gold, several years into having babies he changed he started beating, raping me, all sorts of explicit things which I can go into later. It is so much more I would love to talk about but this is not the time to do it. I left him after 20 years of running from state to state living in battle women shelters with my children. going to court and because he was a celebrity they just would give him a fine for serious abuse, not until Nicole Brown simpson was killed is when they got strick on the athletes . I finally had the strength to leave with fear in my heart, but I said I will go die trying, and I did he threaten me for a long time. jumping out of bushes wherever I was all sorts of things happen so much more happen but cannot explain all here. I need assistance on getting help to know that I am a beautiful person and can be loved again. I have no self esteem or hope for the future please Help!!! thank you!!

  • fb_avatar

    Dear oprah How u doing i really wont to no can u help my son with some xmas toys i really dont have no funds at this time i just move n my apartment i try my best to keep a roof over me n my son head if u can please help us out with just 1 toy that really will me alot thanks my name is ms.ervy i stay n chicago il 518 n lawler ave 60644 can u please help me with aleasen1 toys thanks oprah

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    In reply to Darkchild Ervy:

    N my email address is

  • Hi Oprah,
    I'm not here for your any help. I wish that you would give me your time so that I can discuss the GOOD THE STUFF... It's a book I think would be generated throughout our whole world... Please give me a call at 858-699-3008. It's all about the good stuff. cheers.

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    Hi Oprah,
    i am really glad to have this opportunity to send this brief but yet important message. i am a member of the Oprah community Ngerem Olive Vamela. I would like to hear from you after you must have received my mail which i sent recently. My email ad is

  • dear opprah

    I'm an Iranian
    Send me your email address
    Because you saved me
    Thank you, thank you
    , I love you so much

    Several times sent to your email.

    I need your help again for my son

    every step of the way!
    Keep on Smiling!
    mojgan my email adress is

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    January 17, 2014

    Sallie Brown
    1909 Coyote Court
    Junction City, KS
    Dear Ms. Winfrey:
    My mother (Mamie Taylor) is a fan of yours and has been since the late 80’s. My siblings and I are in the process of planning her 80th birthday celebration, on September 6, 2014, at the Holiday Inn in Raleigh North Carolina. It would be an amazing gift if the speaker of the hour is the woman she most admires.
    I can only imagine the millions of request you receive daily to be a guest speaker at several types of events. I’m praying our request grabs your divine attention and fate allows for you to attend our mother’s birthday celebration.
    Mamie’s birthday is September 9th, a birthdate she once shared with her beloved Father, and my loving sister. My mother is the eldest of seven siblings whom she helped to raise while raising her ten children.
    Mamie was born in 1934 in Asheville, NC, during an era whereas most women raised their children while the fathers worked. Unfortunately, my father was not always in her life to assist with all that she endured. My mother perused a profession, while raising her 8 children at the time. She later met her second husband, immediately she was pregnant with twins. Shortly after the twins were born, my stepfather passed away and she was left once again to figure out how to raise her, now 10 children alone. Through the grace of the Lord she raised all ten of us; I call my mother a spectacular, superwomen, and my hero. She’s very much loved by all ten of her children, 19 grandchildren, 23 great grandchildren and 3 great-great grandchildren, her siblings, and many other family members whom I expect all to attend her birthday celebration. Approximately, 150 invitations will be sent out to family members and friends.
    If you accept our invitation to be our key note speaker at our mother’s 80th celebration detailed information regarding times, our mother’s theme and whatever other information you and your staff will need to make this happen.
    Thank you in advance for . We sincerely believe your appearance will make our mother so very happy. If you would like to see some of her history please tune into, she is my mother’s baby sister.
    Sallie L Brown
    The Daughter of Mamie B Taylor

  • fb_avatar

    Hello, Ms. Oprah Winfrey. I have hoped you accept my mother, Mamie Taylor’s eighth birthday party. I send you a formal letter to request you would attend this event. I stated the party would be in Kansas. Because of a large amount of family is located in Raleigh NC the location change. She was born in Asheville North Carolina and the daughter of Mr. John and Sallie Rout. She was infected with polio at the age of 5. She was married to the late Pet Foster and the late James C. Taylor; and the mother of 10 children and really loves you! She follows your shows no matter where they are schedule to show. When you moved to OWNS she made me get my cable extend so she could see you.
    If you would bless our family by showing up on 6 September 2014, Holiday Inn, Raleigh NC this would be so appreciate! Words cannot express the joy you would give her! This would be the best prize she would receive. My contact is: Sallie L. Brown, (785)239-5572 during the day and after 5:30 p.m. (785)238-8312 or my cell, (785)410-4124

  • Dear Ms. Oprah Winfrey,
    You are truly an inspiration to the human race. I had the time to watch the Oprah Winfrey show regularly in the very last year. The finale was was the most powerful closure I have experienced because it opened up so much possibilities.
    My secret is that I have always wanted to be part of your team. That is someone who provides coaching for the viewers, leading seminars with you, providing transformation work where it is needed and wanted.
    I have been working in the field of transformation for a long time. It is a passion that gives me my life purpose.
    I have been told by many that I am gifted because people's lives have changed as a result of coaching them.
    I pray to GOD that this dream of working with you come true.
    In the meantime, may GOD continue to Bless you. The world needs the gift that you are to us.
    Love you immensely,
    Marie Charlot

  • i am a young boy of age 19years i have this dream of being a
    musician but no body to sponsor me you see i am from a poor family
    i really need your help because poverty is
    killing us and with this talent i believe i can put a smile on my
    parents face please i am writing to you because i believe you can
    change my story i pray and believe you
    will also help me
    please life is not easy here in Africa especially in Cameroon if you
    help me you will never regret because i am always serious in what ever
    i do thanks please don't reject my message it means a lot to me my
    contact is +23772169331 and email

  • Dear Oprah am Posa from Zambia am just here by asking from you if you can help me money for my school fees at UNZA how be very happy for your quick email address is best regards

  • fb_avatar

    Why haven't anyone answered the messages is it that you have to be famous for anyone to hear us! Well I have issue same as Oprah had with family secret I like to no my brother he is famous! I need someone to contact me through the grace of god please hear me out! Christiar Langston at (734) 308-7456 thank you thank you!

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  • Dear Oprah,

    Sweet words of wisdom has always been the point to everything. And I'm glad you go forward making statements to change the world, that's the whole point, or why say anything at all.....I am a poet, I'm working with my editor right now to get my book published and my version of sweet wisdom on its feet. I'm almost took years of writing since I was 12 years old (now 35), but I'm almost there. Life will shoulder my work and I will go forward to make my mark for the good of humanity. I can hardly wait! It's all boiled down to these precious moments of final touches, and then I'm off. This is my way of giving back to the world, this is how I can tell God thank you. This is my joy going forward, and dreams breathing in. Thank you Oprah for your inspiration! Over the years, your ideas has shaped parts of us all. God speed! Wendy Louise Huggins

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    Hi I'm from I'm actually writing this comment on the be half of my daughter and I I'm asking for a blessing from you to help my baby girl have a home of our own my daughter name is a Alana Moye she is five years old and she is in remission stage of her chemotherapy of of her treatment she got diagnosed when she was 2 years old for the leukemia all she and need and want to a home i have went to welfare ,housing and etc. to find help but we been on the housing wait list for 4years no respond so ask as mother that love baby girl and just want her to be happy thank u opera

  • dear.Oprah wfr. my name is leyla ladane, i am big mom and i am age 45, i am marriages but this time we separates 2 and have,i have 7 children ages, 22,20,18,16,10,9,4, beautiful children god give me i say thank you god, my story is, no one belief me what happen my family i belief i am hero mom, i am very sad daily i am worries a future my children , no one have hope 22, 20 18 ,they finished school, they need fund ,finished up grad, i am not work this time i am look a job, how i supported my older children, but my citation not good unhappy live i see a pictures no hope my children, some my relative wanted take a way my three or steel 3 my younger children how eve a save my children, no one belief my story what happen to me 211-213 that its crays thinks unbelief i am scary died, i am really glad to have this opportunity to send us help or save my life free stress,they are beat my family they responsibility, what happen to me, I am not have a ten cent my baked but i happy because, all my children they with me know that very import me thank you very much DR.Phil. TV. show i learn a lot how are you save your children, an less you are not die-ding i am say again thank you very much i am adduced. i am straggler,unfair life,24hrs wen i remember what happen i am crying, but i went for word but i can't because i am broke mother very desperate no hope futures my children separate family that worries to me i sent email Dr.Phil. no answer my email.i hope i wait some one show me the handful some Dr. oz about my health, some Dr,doctors. i can see no one interested my story, i am not writing know but who interest to me i talk a private my story.thank you dear.Oprah.wfr. if you interested my family or save.contacted email. or phone .hm,403-475-7756- or cell.587.707-1676

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    Dear oprah, I thank you for your strengh. I'm very proud of the Women I become. I have two beauitful girls. A fithteen year an a nineyear old.just complete sixteen week of angle magment. Growing up as a child my mother abused her kids. She never did any drugsbut came home everyday an abused her kids.I made some bad choices in my past. Today I have six years clean.I'm on the prise team while my daugther sing for the youth mister. I sudder with stage three depresstion. I have good days as well as bad days.Today I'm under publie housing. They didn't care where they place me.I live right in the middle of a bad drug area.My unit was broken into.Then I had a gun pulled to my head.I was told that's no reason for them to move me an my girls.I work every hard on myself.Who said I told care about my life? My daugther have night mare from the break in.often I go though my days when I don't fell like I'm wothy of being here. I pray that this prayer be answer. May God keep you here with the land of the living for Women like me.God loves you,an so do I. Your biggest fan La'keesha Taylor.306 50th st ne #21 wash Dc 20019.(202)270-1392..

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  • Dear Madame Oprah Winfrey,
    First and foremost, you are truly amazing. As a kid I grew up watching your show marveled by how you orate, speak, effectively communicating with hearers and listeners. You encourage women all over the world, I believe it feels good to say that you are a champion of women.
    You at 33 years old, my god I been through so many things. Plainly so, I've had a lot of near death experiences where odds where against, but evens prevailed. I graduated from DSU with a degree in History. I currently attend Wilmington University via online and intern at the Delaware Historical Society. Of course, Wilmington, DE does not have the best reputation as a beta city, but its home to gospel music reflects that; it has "scars". Emotional scars are what I have from being attacked by a white german shepard as a child trying to jump over a fence, falling out of a tree 70 ft up flipping backwards w/o breaking branches, drowning in oc Maryland/ dover afb kiddy pool, drowning at the Baltimore fell out of boat, drowning in west chester pa, at a family reunion, drowned at summer camp, 2 motorcycle crashes no helmet, alcohol poisoning od, Percocet od, cocaine od, 2 car accidents, etc. theres more I have them written down. I have an addictive personality because of these emotional instabilities that are seemingly etched in memory. I NEED YOUR HELP. I just quit smoking cigarettes, but hey many great people smoke cigarettes and besides phillip morris is good; I guess. Madame Oprah Winfrey there is something else I need to share with you. IM MARKED, BY THE ANGEL WHO WEARS THE MASK WITH THE CROWN. He is beautiful and kind, his alter ego is S....
    I remember when I graduated college Queen Latifah spoke and wow did she command the audience. I was so impressed that after being handed my degree I gave her a hug and when I got back to my seat I stood, and stood for because a black woman represented an idea. And you know what all my fellow students followed suit I have such a tiny voice my dad was in the military and was very abusive to me and family. So I think at times having a deep voice is being aggressive.
    Im 33 and still live at home with my parents because I have to protect my mom from the abuse I know to well. I was born in Wiesbaden and supposedly my last name is Alston. Im a decendant from Theodosia Burr and Alston's of NC/SC/GA. I have a son who is 11 also 1 brother and 1 sister. I am very depressed and sleepy a lot. I am healthy but I believe the mind is stronger than the body and my mind is cloudy from personal issues. I want to quit drugs altogether. (I really hope your representatives get this note to you). Mrs. Oprah I wanted to email last week but I didn't feel well. My two other siblings are so good to me they always encourage me, half time I think they think that im scatterbrain and wishy-washy. I need one class from wilmu to graduate, but I had to stop and take break I had a nervous breakdown crying a lot anywhere and everywhere. The weird thing about it is that people in public also cried! or showed some emotion. I have hobbies like jogging, yes swimming, im an aquarius, reading and venturing good food.
    I would like to talk to you more. My email is My cell number is 2027684483. I was compelled to contact you because I remember fighting depression and you came on tv and said, "you have purpose".

    your friend,

    Damien Alston

  • Dear Oprah,
    First I have to say that you are an amazing WOMAN! God bless you always, you have done so much wonderful thing for women all across the world. You are truly the defination of a wonderful human being.
    Growing up in NY can be a struggle, but your show has inspired me in many way and saved me at the same time. Oppose to turning to the street life of hanging out and self distructing, I turned to books and became a reader. Words of inspiration allowed me to meet and an amazing aurthor, who then bacame a very good friend of mine. J. Carie-Ann Burton wrote the book Fridgid Summer. Her book is capitivating and inspirational at the same time. J. Carie-Ann Burton allow you to feel as though you are one of the characters in her book, such books I can not put down.
    Fridgit Summer by J. Carie-Ann Burton has inspired me, because it has taught me to face my struggles in life head on and to never give up. Oprah I have listened and read about your struggles in life and I know reading is the best therapy. I ask if you can please read Fridgit Summer, it an amazing book and I promise it will not be a wait of your time.
    Thank you for inspiring me and saving my life.
    Your friend,
    Vorina Massiah

  • I had to write to you today, because
    for my entire short life i have dreamed of
    talking with you, if only for a short few moments.

    And iam from Ethiopia My Name Is fethi Iam journalist
    and iam Very happy to send u What comes On My heart and i have big Shop and and i named My shop Oprah Winfery Shop and every body will Read ur name

    hope all is well in your world and that you are staying positive,
    despite the major changes that are taking part in your life. You will
    continue to do great things, Ms. Winfrey, and I will be there with you
    every step of the way!

  • Hi, We are at the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center in Baltimore. My sister is recovering from an Autogolous Bone Marrow Transplant.... I could use your help getting this information out about my sister..... the donation page is

    Please and God Bless

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  • Oprah. please help. her name is Anita Treat. She loss her daugther this year due to illess and was shot before that cause her to wear a trek in her throat. She was 26 years old. Her daughter leaves her 6 yr old. She was malested at 8,9 yrs. old up to 14,15 yrs old. by her mother brother. she was malested as well. at 9. And her mother aslo. All thru blood relatived. no outsider. Adam is the one rape anita daughter and two more child of Anita sister.. Anita has no where to go. no where to turn and she is helpless she don't know what to do. We want to break the cycle. So her grandaughter will not face the same her mother face. She is the top in her class at 6 yrs. old in school. . 1-502-345-0214. my number is 502-554-6567. james Newbolt. pleased saved this lil. girl. Brianna Stewart McCullum..

  • Dear Oprah, I am not sure how to ask for help. You are a very bless women, I love the things you are doing to help people, I' am praying that you can help me,
    I am single mom with child 5 years old, do my higher education at UTS (Current PhD student in mechanical engineering at university of technology, Sydney).

    I am in desperate need of some financial help or (scholarship) for paying my tuition fees and living allowance.

    I’m wondering what the opportunity to give me the chance, to Achieve great things for myself, my son, and for our world, as your passion to provide a help for brilliant woman to flourishing through your gorgeous foundation.

    Your quick response is highly appreciated.


  • Hi Oprah.I am writing to you because i need help.I am a married woman with 3 beautiful boys age 13,5 and 8 months.For the last 10 years we have been trying to go and visit my parents in Southern Africa but could not save enough for the tickets.the ticket cost is about £4000 to £5000 but I am asking you only to help us with what ever you wish to donate.I know there are people real big problems and need more help than us,so please if you can bless us with this opportunity to see my parents in their old age before they pass on.

    May God keep blessing you for all the wonderful things you are doing to the less fortunate.
    Yours faithfully True

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  • dear opera
    i'm very sad for u

    i can't speaking english but i cant read maybe good

    deer opera
    canu help me
    i need to life
    if u can

    sorry for my leetter
    and thank u


  • fb_avatar

    Dear Oprah and I am afraid to loose my house
    hope you re doing fine
    I am experiencing a severe hardship
    married got 3 kids and I am afraid to loose my house
    MAY GOD BLESS YOU and happy thanksgiving

  • Hi dear friends, could you please send me oprah's email.
    this is my email:

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    Hello Oprah Winfrey, i felt sad when i heard you have cancer. I was touched for one reason, you have spent your entire life helping others or people, breast cancer. people who have tried to eat soursop or guyabona this fruit can cure cancer and it's grown in Mexico, try to eat fresh ones and you will see the difference. Once you try it the results will be positive, you don't need to thank me but to thank God.

  • fb_avatar

    Hi Oprah Winfrey, I suppose to deliver this message to you since morning but I have been looking for a way to message you. Heard you have twelve Weeks to Live, Diagnosed with Cancer. when i woke up this morning and was praying you came to my heart and I prayed for you. You are healed, Doctors Don't have the final say in your life but God does . Psalm 118:17
    I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done. His thoughts for us is the thought of good and not of bad. I strongly belive that you will be a testimony to many nations. God's miracle will perfect in your life. All you need to do is to belive. I pray that God will multiply the weeks to years, your sorrow into joy. Remain bless.

  • fb_avatar

    Dear Oprah

    Hello,how are you now?
    I hope you will be fine and your healthy getting better.
    I want to introduce myself
    My name is Rama,I am from Syria. I got married three years ago and I have a girl ,she is in 9 month.
    I am very shy to ask you to help me,but really I need this help,I don't feel fine ,I need to feel I am a human , I left my home in Zamlka but now it was destroyed so I don't have a home to live in,l live in my father's house and I have a problems with them all the time because we live in a small home ,I don't feel comfortable and I don't have another aplace to live in so I must live in that home
    l wish from you to help me to have a home in Damascus so I can live in
    I hope you read my email and think of helping me
    My email address:


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    Hi I am from the Philippines I am also a fun of Oprah, I knew she is a truly inspiration to us woman for her strong determination and skills...I would like to ask her email add for I am also interested in writing her.Please send to my email address will be waiting soon.Thank you so much.Godbless!

  • My name is fatou. I am 32 years old wife and mom.I am from gambia west Africa. First of all, how is your health? I pray that God heals you and continue to bless you. To hear that you were diagnosed with cancer,I'm very sorry and sad about it. I love you and have always been a huge fan of yours. I admire The way you love, care and help less fortunate people in desperate situations. Miss oprah, I need help.please I would like you to help me pay tuition fee and other college expenses to earn a degree. I don't underate any country. Any accredited college in the world that would accept me is ok as far as the study will be in English.I'm not asking for cash,if you can pay it to the school it will be ok for me. I am from a very poor family with both parents uneducated. But my mom decided to send me and my siblings to school. We are 7 in number.. 3 males and 4 females. We struggled with our mom in her small garden where she gets income to pay for our schools. She tried and educate all of us up to high school but that was where she was able to stop as she was the one providing food and shelter for us.As we were in that struggle,a guy came and said he wanted to marry me. I told him my intention to go to college but didn't have a sponsor. He promised to help me further my education. Every thing he told me was a lie. We got married and he told me he wanted us to make a baby first. I agree thinking after having a baby he would pay college for me. After our baby was one year old, I remind her about my intention to go to college, and he told me he will not allow his wife to go to college or work. He said a woman's place is in the kitchen. I told him but this was never our agreement. I cried n begged him to change his decision but he never. He always tell me if I go to college he will marry another Wife and send me out of his house. As I can't go back to my mom's house with my child I stayed there doing what ever he wants. With all that he was not supporting me. I then decided to do a small business.... going to the market and sell water while tieing my baby on my back. Then go home and cook and do my house work. That's how I was struggling until I save some money. Then the following year I paid for a diploma course. I finished the course but can't get a job. I kept searching for a job for two years but can't even get a messenger job. Just last year someone told me It's free to go to college of education.... That's the only college we have in the gambia and one university. I applied there and got accepted. I am in my second year majoring mathematics and science. But it's a three year college and I will get a higher teacher certificate not a degree. I pay transport every day to go and come. To even get money to pay for transport is a problem for me. I always go back to the market during holidays to sell water and use that money for the coming semester transport. My husband is still threatening to marry a second wife. I'm still struggling going to college and doing my house work. This is just a summary of my situation. Please consider me after reading this. My email is

  • iam sending you congratultions and my besr of wishes to you and your family and husband hoping you longlife and healthy
    queen oprah queen of qqueens

  • I commented here but didn't see any comments

  • Chicagonow.... Please the picture in my comment is not my Facebook account. This Facebook account is owned by the person using this phone before me. Please remove this picture or unsubscribe me. Later I will sign up with my own Facebook account. If I was the one who sign up with this account then it's a big mistake. The owner of this Facebook account has no knowledge of me signing up in Chicagonow. Please delete it

  • Hello Oprah I'm in a position right now that I need help. I'm a mother of two and I have been abuse for 15 years, don't want to go into to many detail on here but this was the only way I could get in touch with me.My email address is .My phone number is 334-366-0520 or 334-349-9407.I really hope to here from u so

  • Dear Oprah,

    Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year with great health and I wanted to thank you for your continued effort to help people especially the one with no voice, just like me.

    Here is my situation. I have been a former victim of domestic violence and I sought help from the shelter for battered women to get out of my situation. My abuser then took me to court and the judge awarded him sole custody of my daughter and a very high amount of child support, knowing that I am not working as I have a baby (son) to take care of. My fiancée helps me pay my bills and provide for him. I only have supervised visitation with my daughter and its expensive so I cant visit her often. please help me bring my angel home. Thank you and God Bless.

  • I have been going through the court system since 2013 and still have had no remedy. I have been through two law firms and now I had to hire a third one. I am out of thousands of dollars, which I had to borrow or get a loan for. I have no more resources to fall back on. This has been an expensive ordeal for me and my family and not sure how long I can go on without the right help or guidance that this case so badly needs. please help.

  • Hello everyone: I am a 64 year-old, African American grandmother who has mailed letters to Oprah for the last three years or so. I am not asking her for anything, or have a pitiful mouth for help. Each time that I have mailed her these letters, I carried them to the Post Office, had the information weighed and paid the correct amount of postage. There is very interesting and important information in the envelope. However, each time it has been returned to me, UNOPENED, showing that whom ever received the mail just paid postage to send it back to me. This lets me know that Oprah or someone on her staff is NOT INTERESTED in what I have to say. I am very disappointed and feel "slighted," because I am a NOBODY to Oprah and her staff. This information is very important and interesting that would have helped so many people; especially the sick and elderly, but Oprah or her staff just decided that what I have to say is UNIMPORTANT, or that I am just a NOBODY and they don't want to be bothered. I respect everything that Oprah does, but I am really disappointed. The information was mailed to Harpo Productions, an address that was confirmed to me. I have also sent this information to other celebrities, and so far, they have not returned it. I am really disappointed and hurt and no longer will support anything that the Harpo Productions, i.e., movies, plays, tv shows have anything to do with.

  • In reply to grandma3:

    Hi Granma3, I'm sorry Oprah and her staff have not acknowledge you. As I was searching for Oprah's contact information, I ran into this site. I'm for Shine On Hollywood Magazine, I would like to learn more how you can help people according to your note here. If this interest you, please let me know. Thank you.

  • Dear Oprah Winfrey Hello my name is Darlene Green I Write you in 1999 Trying to Talk to you about my like. I LOVE TO Write to you about my Life and my Childs .I Love my life and Childs life But They are Big now I do pray. For Help in a place I at now I ok I Write you Because I Need Help I Do Have a Goal I don't Want know money From You I do Like For You Help Me . I Live at this place 107 Elks lodge Ln Summerville S.C 29483 phone number 843-209-0882

  • Dear Oprah Winfrey This Darlene Green people Got a home in my name they Have a car in My Name. My Life it a lot I have To Till You .I did Write you in 1999 I hope you Help Me . people today don't care about people that Trying . can You Help US I Have Young man's and women can you help me I Have Big young WOMAN'S I Need Help MY Number 843-209-0885

  • hello oprah I always watch your shows I have a situation that I am asking for your assistance with I have a young brother that is 6 years younger then me and me and my oldest brother james Jenkins have been looking for him and there has not been any success at all he was adopted and his name at birth was henry jerry Sanford 3rd and I want us meaning me and my oldest brother james to get in contact with him my number is 1(347)967-2935 and my email address is

  • Hello,

    my name is Julius poellintz I am a youn black male who have struggle with the fact of being gay and dating someone in which my family don't approve I have lost my apartment that me and my lover has lived in plus the car I have worked so hard for. Mrs. Winfrey, I have been thru so much at this point your my last hope I tried and tried to start my own cheerleading all star gym it worked but failed because I could not afford a facility my lover was stressed with his family and the exceptance of our relationship which put a lot of pressure on me and him.At this time we are on the verge of breaking up and I don't want that to happen because of family and our finances we have lived in our car which has now be taken from me because of finances im currently living with my 83 year old grandmother who I take care of but I miss the love of my life because he can't be here with me. he currently live in the streets and I try everyday to locate him to sneak him over to my grandmothers single living apartment but I have had no luck. I want to give up from trying to get things in order because it is so hard not knowing if he dead or alive at night I cry every night I just need your help in anyway so that I can atleast get a car and or a place of employment to get a home for the both of us before something terrible happens to him please help me

  • please help me

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    hello miss oprah winfrey I love your show my name is Elaine scott and I live in fort leonard wood Missouri and I cook for the military for 15 years and I have 3 kids well they are grown and 8 grandbabys. well I had a babysister and her name is andrea Anderson and a nephew name kevin . on feb 13 2015 they was murderd in her home a day after she got out of the hospital.from have asthma and neumoniae and her son kevin Anderson was on disbillty . and my sister was taking care of him so in nove 2014 she move to springfield Missouri to find work and a place to stay. so she she founfd a job that she like it but she was in and out of the hospital but she try to work any way when they let het out the hospital . and one day she meet this guy name willie clark jr and they starting dating in nove 2014 not knowing that she was going to kill her and my nephew kevin. so feb 8 she went into the hospital for asthma and got out the hospital feb 12 2015 and a friend of her took her home it like 80 mile from here not knowing that the guy that she just start dating was watching her home and the next day he came over to her house and knot on her door and her son let him in and on feb 13 2025 he shot my nephew Ronnie 3 time and shot in kill my nephew kevin Anderson and my baby sister andrea Anderson .my nephew live thank god but his mother and his brother did not make it. and she leave behide 3 daughter and 1 son and they all are so loss and she leave behide 15 grandbabys and 1 on the way. and I really would love to help my sisters kids and grand kids but I don't have the money to help them she did not have any life insurance . and she was just talking about leaving some for her kids and grand kids but did not make it to do it for them. and I did the best that I can to put they and brother to rest. I miss so many days of work trying to do what I can for them thank u Elaine scott

  • Hello Oprah, I am using the law of attraction to meet you. I've had this vision for years. Didn't want to go public with some information. The state that I live in is doing a great job of covering up a lot of Official Corruption. I didn't know what address to send the evidence to you. I had a 1.4 Million dollar house in a gated community without a mortgage. I paid for my house in full after a few years. I had a near fatal and life altering accident. In which I couldn't see or talk for 2 months. In the mean while my deed was transferred without a sheriff's sale. The conspirators charged me with criminal trespassing and sentenced me to 30 days in jail. When the visiting judge found out I was telling the truth he did not give a order for an eviction. I have a police report where the prosecutor told the police that he was not going to prosecute me. Mean while as I sat in jail like a criminal with false charges, the police coerced my adult children to leave the house. Everything that was in my house including my grandfathers ashes, and his mothers heirlooms was stolen. (I was born on my great-grandmothers birthday.) I got out of jail, and I didn't have any clothes. They stole everything including my immaculate classic Mercedes v 12. I have the police reports recorded conversations talking to officials about my property. No one will help. I've met a lot of people that this has happened to across the U.S. My whole life was stolen. School pictures, wedding pictures, children's graduations, fur coats, jewelry etc. The details get worse. I'm self employed, and all of my business information and equipment was in the house. I have been financially hindered and commercially impeded on. Please give me air time. Something has to give, its time Kharma shows up. I look forward to meeting you. Thank you, for your time in advance.

    Peace and blessing,
    Lady Schae

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    I have just recently became an Entrepreneur for a Staffing Agency I am operating right now from Home. I have been working on this project for the past 3 yrs. I am now putting it altogether as much as I possibly can. I used to be a single mom of 3 children which is now all grown up. I am a grandmother for the first time. I recently resign from my old job because it was simply not going anywhere. I receive my A.S Degree in 2013, and now pursuing my B.S Degree in Technical Management. I have plenty of Business Experience and I would like to apply that knowledge and my skills to building my own future. I writing you to request any support or help you can give me for start up cost and hopefully my own office space. I do have a Business Plan and I have tried on more than one occasion to request money for start up, however, since I am new to the Recruitment Industry I am a big risk for plenty of Lenders. How can you assist me ? I have a passion for this Business that I am building and I just know with the right support I just know that my Business will be successful. The name of staffing agency is CDW Staffing Solutions, LLC I am located in Orlando, Florida. The initials of my agency is name after my first grandson who name is Cameron Damani Wilson.What I have already done with my own money was build a web site I bought all the minimum equipment to work from home. I still need to buy recruitment software for test applicants, I need a recruitment software to hold my applicants. I recently put in application for Government Funding. My goal is to get people back to work. I am hoping to get a welfare to work contract and also help reduce the unemployment rate for our community. Again this my passion I have always dream of having my own Staffing Business. I really do appreciate you taking the time to read my letter. Have a Bless Day

  • Good day Miss Oprah. I am a 45year old South African woman. In the year 2000, I was involved in a motor accident which left me wheelchair bound. I was married but my husband committed suicide six months before the car accident that left me paralized. My earnest wish is to meet you when you visit South Africa next. I live in KwaZulu Natal province. I am a hard working mother who earns an honest living and I continue to provide for my dear children (Lerato and Olwethu). I do draw inspiration from all your words of wisdom and encouragement. It would trully be a blessing to meet with you in person. Love always

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  • hi my name is wilfredo gomez first i would like to say that i am a huge fan of your show you have also inspired me to write a book to speak about my life the name of my book is grenade at my feet how i over came life's worst challenges. im trying to get sponsers to promote my book an i would like to know if you can be of assistants.
    wilfredo gomez

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    Dear aunty Oprah,
    Am writing this email for you while am not sure that if you doing to receive this email and read it or no. first of all if you opened my email and read it i will love to thank you for that cause that will be amazing thing from you to read and reply what people try to contact you. This is kindly behavior which very few will do that. Am sure you will found many grammar and vocabulary mistakes on my email i hope you don't get confuse or headache while you are reading my email. My name is Amira Al Sulaimani and I'm 23 years old on 17/4/2015 i will be 24 inshallah. I'm from Sultanate of Oman i hope you know our country because most of people they dont know our country they just know Dubai. My big reason to write you this email is because i need i help from you i know it's same crazy but that come in my mind that you are the only one who might can help in this. Aunty Oprah i want you to help me to get puppies of pomeranian or maltese or terrier or yorkie i really adore pet i know am Muslim and to have a dog is not good in our religion but i promise you that i will keep him/her on my eyes and i will take care of him/her like she/he 's my own baby. you will might think if i really love dog that much why i dont by it am asking you i will honestly tell you the my income not affording to buy they sale the here in our country about 600.000 Omani rials even Dubai and that is less that my salary. Am working and Studying am working in Wolf Valley Under Wolf Group Company as an accountant. Am studying In Majan College Business and Accounting so i have to pay my college fees and my totally salary is 530.000 OR after the life insurances dedication and i have to pay my college fees as i told you which cost me 1,125.00 OR per semester so am taking lane from our company i pay for each semester and it's taking 5 months to pay the company back 225.000 OR each month and ther 305.000 i have flat which am trying to do my business in it. The business is am giving privet English classes and math for kids and English classes only for adult. And the rent of my flat cost 250.000 OR so it's only reaming with me 55.000 OR and i have to send for my mom who's in Zanzibar and my income be what i get from my students. You might think am fool to pay 250.000 OR for a place am not even live in it i will so open and tell you this love this place even if it's dont have even a tv or bed to sleep more than my family house because i dont see or feel love, union,cooperation and even peace in our family and the whole family are not together like other's families and i dont have anther family here except my daddy's family cause my mom and here family are in Zanzibar and she's devised since am baby i dont really how old i was i grownup with my dad's family moving from this house to other uncle to uncle and i don know where my end will be i wish to get married i have my boyfriend i love him he love me too be his family want him to marry a girl who's she's reach and you i think this type of stories anyhow am independent person life is hard but am try to live it as i think is right for me sorry to bother you and let you read all this i just wanted you to understand my situation and am asking your help now after losing many money on those faked pets adoption webs and email i tried to contact and get kittens and puppies. I was even dont mind to buy cause i save some money to buy one cat and one puppies but it's all gone now i was wishing to have a new pet's on my birthday but what to do so your the only one come to my mind and ask you if you can help me to get puppies or cats.

    best regard,
    Amira Al Sulaimai

  • hi y name is Rachel there is a lady that got kicked out of her house and is living on the streets for like 8 months im not sure how long but I have been trying to help her but I have been living in my car but im still trying to help her and my self so if u can please got back with me as soon as you can we both need the help but im really want to see her off the streets

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    Oprah, I've always tried to be independent and deal with things on my own, my husband is disable and is on a fixed income, i work and been taking care of one of granddaughter ever since she was 4 years old she's 10 now, my 5 year old granddaughter i've had her for 8 months now, i don't receive any type of financial help from my son nor the girls mom. I stepped up because i didn't want to see neither one of my grand babies in CPS custody, the harder i try to take care of them the deeper i'm falling in debt, i can't get no government assistance and i prayed on this situation and you were the answer that God brought to my mind. I need your help because without you bailing me out of the situation and financial burden that i have put my husband and myself in, we're going to end up losing everything that we have accomplished, please if you have a heart and just know that God sent me to you to be my guardian angel to help me financially, i will continue to pray that this message reaches you and touch your heart. Thank you for taking the time to even read my letter and God bless you. I will keep on Praying Until Something Happen and i will continue to pray that you're the one to make it happen.

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