Kim Kardashian Accused of Cheating on Her Fiancé, Claims InTouch Weekly

Kim Kardashian Accused of Cheating on Her Fiancé, Claims InTouch Weekly

And the Kardashian Mania continues on The Life and Times of a Young Republican (which eventually will have to be changed to The Kardashian Gossip Network)!

     InTouch Weekly, the main masters of maniacal gossip, have charged Kim Kardashian with the most heinous crime a bride-to-be could commit: Cheating on her fiancé, Kris Humphries.
     The magazine claims that 30-year-old Kim cheated on her 26-year-old fiancé Kris Humphries with 24-year-old NFL star Bret Lockett, who plays for the New England Patriots.

     But, according to E! News, this entire rumor is a falsehood! "This is absolutely not true," Kim told E! News. "I have no idea who this person is." "This person, according to the never-reliable tabloid, is NFL star Bret Lockett, whom they claim has been involved with Kim for the past five months", reports E!

     According to E!, that "this isn't sitting well with Team Kardashian, and they
have already fired off a legal letter to the magazine informing them
that none of their so-called facts or alleged evidence (InTouch is claiming to have intercepted text messages between Kim and the New England Patriots star) are entirely made up."

     Reprinted, in its entirety, is the legal letter the Kardashians sent to InTouch's Execs by Denis A. Roach, who represents the Kardashians:

     "I am counsel to Kim Kardashian. My client has been advised that IN TOUCH WEEKLY is about to publish a false article and story based upon purported facts that you described in your email of today's date to Jill Fritzo. I have spoken to Jenifer Levin, counsel to Lauren London, who has indicated that a third party is impersonating Lauren London. Consequently, any information that you receive directly or indirectly through this Lauren London impersonator should not be relied upon. Additionally, for the record, none of the facts contained in your email to Jill Fritzo are accurate.

     Demand is hereby made that you and IN TOUCH WEEKLY immediately refrain from
publishing, distributing or disseminating any factually untrue and unsubstantiated information regarding my client since these falsehoods are, at a minimum, damaging, defamatory, and an invasion of her privacy. I expect an immediate email confirmation from you that you and INTOUCH WEEKLY will comply with this demand. Failing that, I will be forced to take appropriate legal action to protect my client's rights, and you and IN TOUCH WEEKLY will be acting at your and its legal risk and peril. Govern yourself accordingly.

     This letter is not intended as a complete statement of all facts concerning this matter. Nothing contained herein shall constitute a relinquishment of any of my client's rights, remedies, causes of action, or claims for relief at law or in equity, all of which are expressly reserved."

     Kim also fought back in a blog posting, saying that, among other things, "I knew when I got engaged that rumors and false stories were going to start, but this is RIDICULOUS!!!! In Touch Magazine
is claiming that I had a five-month secret relationship with this guy...
a guy I've never met, spoken to, texted, called or even heard of!" She also adds this tasty little dig: "I've said it before, and I'll say it again... don't believe everything
you read. The tabloids and weekly magazines will do ANYTHING to sell

     E! News reports that "A source close to the Kardashian family tells E! News that if the
allegations are not properly--and quickly--retracted, Kim has every
intention of suing both the magazine and Lockett, who is liberally
quoted throughout the story, and on whose supposed (and quite
bitter-sounding) recollection of events the allegations seem based."

And what does Steven, who by the way would NEVER cheat on his fiancé even if he were to ever have one, have to say about this whole song-and-dance charade?

     I, surprisingly, think that Kim is covering something up, and that InTouch's allegations are TRUE.

     Why, with all of their other stories, would InTouch, who has broken some MAJOR stories over the years, try to slander the Kardashian's without irrefutable proof that this incident occurred?

     They have a specific, named person, namely Bret Lockett, and he obviously had some evidence, meaning the text messages, which back up his case! Why else would he lie? I doubt he's getting any financial compensation from this, so why would he say otherwise?

     Kardashian obviously rushed into this engagement, and now she may be getting cold feet! She looked in the mirror one day, frightened, and said to herself, "I don't know the man I'm marrying." She doubled back and sat on the bed, grief-stricken. "What am I going to do?", she queried. Then, the thought came over her. "Before I get married", she thinks, "I'll have a little fun and get my mind off of the man I know nothing about!" So she decides to track down and seduce Lockett (who obviously fits her dating profile better than Kris Humphries) and so began their affair.

     E! News, and their Television Network, are in cahoots with the Kardashian Clan and therefore feel obliged, by both friendship and contract, to defend the Kardashians. E!'s bias is shown from their first paragraph: "The Kardashians aren't exactly strangers to the world of gossip, but
even in the tabloids, there's a line you don't cross. Unfortunately for
them, one magazine just crossed it--and now they're going to pay." I don't think it's right for E! to automatically defend her, because in the end, I believe they are just going to end up with egg on their faces. They are NOT a reliable News or Gossip source. They are Effeminate Male Best Friends who latch onto Female Reality Show Stars and back them up, despite what falsehoods they spout!

     The Kardashian's don't have the best morals either, so cheating on a spouse is obviously commonplace for their family values. Her 26-year-old sister Khloe has been accused of extramarital affairs and who knows how many unreported affairs are going on between the family, which also includes 32-year-old Kourtney, who has the most reason for cheating on her partner/boyfriend, the drunk, caterwauling, flake 28-year-old Scott "Douchebag" Disick.
The sisters truly know how to pick great men, don't they? (Oh, and by the way, Khloe's husband, Lamar Odom, is also cheating on her!)

      As I said in my blog yesterday, about Khloe Kardashian's nipple slip on live television and her defending herself, the whole family has begun a slow descent down the steep slope to NO morals or values whatsoever! This is what happens when a light is suddenly shone on a family, and they are magically now under the public eye. They tend to do things that will shift media focus onto themselves, and therefore make them more money! Because, remember, for Reality TV Stars, Controversy = $, which is a little equation that I like to call Reality Television Greed Theorem.

      The Kardashian's will continue to exploit themselves for cash, and we will continue to read and watch as their moral-less, yet fascinating, story unfolds before us...

      And, of course, I will keep reporting.

 Because, if we don't judge these heathens, who else will?



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  • InTouch Weekly? Wow, deep stuff. I guess this explains why the GOP is so far in the wilderness these days.

    What's next? The Real (ex-)Housewives of of the Newt Gingrich

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    Not equating InTouch Weekly with The Financial Times, but they do have an odd talent for winning libel suits. If not, they'd be out of business.

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    In reply to MySportsComplex:

    Just gotta say... Boycott Kim Kardashian

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