Jackie Kennedy Feared and Hated Elizabeth Taylor, Because of Jealousy with JFK

Jackie Kennedy Feared and Hated Elizabeth Taylor, Because of Jealousy with JFK

     I was walking through the supermarket today, and I happened upon the Gossip Magazine section. I happen to love this section because I can pause from the hectic nature of the grocery store and also scan the titles for possible stories.
     When I happened upon that section today, I saw a copy of The National Examiner that claimed that Elizabeth Taylor apparently had an affair with John F. Kennedy. I didn't buy the magazine, but when I got home I decided to search for facts and see if this little claim was true. But what I fell upon had really nothing to do with President Kennedy, but with his wife Jackie.


     According to The Times of India, "Jackie Kennedy was said to have hated Elizabeth Taylor." The reason they cite is because "Jackie feared that her husband and former US President John F. Kennedy would have an affair with the iconic beauty."
     After Elizabeth Taylor's death on March 23, 2011 (which coincidentally happened during my vacation to Arizona), her private diaries were uncovered, unfolding details about this bitter feud between The Movie Star and The First Lady. (The diaries, according to The Times and a friend source close to Taylor, are to be published, per Taylor's wishes.)
     "One [diary entry] includes how Taylor could never convince Jackie that she did not have an illicit relationship with her husband", according to The Times.

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     The Story continues: "A series of entries at the time Kennedy was planning his 1960
presidential campaign, which he won, assuming office in January 1961,
refers to several private meetings with 'Jack' at his bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel." "She was married to Eddie Fisher, her fourth husband, at the time," said a friend of Taylor's. "And she was thrilled to be invited to meet Kennedy during one of his campaign fund-raising visits to California."

     The Times story continues: "In fact, they hit it off so well he invited her to see him a number of
times and, had it not been for Jackie's jealousy, Taylor would
undoubtedly have been part of what became known as Camelot, his inner

     But, according to Elizabeth Taylor's friend source, "Liz swore her relationship with Kennedy never went beyond friendship,
but Jackie was convinced they had an affair and said some vicious things
about Elizabeth that got back to her."

And I, being the almighty decider here, can't help but take a side.

Which one did I choose?

     I happen to believe that Elizabeth Taylor was in the right here.

     Jackie Kennedy was so paranoid that her husband was cheating, which he did do often, that she was never able to trust any woman who showed any interest in her husband. I'm sure she'd think Eleanor Roosevelt was hitting on JFK if she had the mind to.

     Elizabeth Taylor never had an affair with JFK, nor did she ever want to. Sure JFK was powerful and charismatic, but even she could see that he loved his wife, and even that could not break her resolve not to have an affair with him.


     Jackie Kennedy's fury was fueled by tarts like Marilyn Monroe who always flocked around Kennedy and made her life a living, walking embarrassment, because he was tempted so often by so many women.

     Elizabeth Taylor was a good woman. She lived a good life, she made some mistakes, but she truly was one of the greatest movie stars ever to grace God's green earth and she truly was a beautiful woman. She could tempt any man she wanted, but she chose to let JFK go. He was not a fish for her to fry.

     Jackie Kennedy liked to play the battered, angry wife. She liked nothing better than to lay a good guilt trip on JFK and did it at every turn. Most of the time, he deserved it, but it made her a woman who was frenzied and paranoid. Eventually, this paranoia and bitterness toward JFK led to her and Aristotle Onassis planning JFK's assassination. (To read January Jones' theory on the JFK assassination, whose theory I base that last remark off of, follow THIS link to an interview I did with her.)

     Once Taylor's diaries are released to the general public, we will once again see what a classy, elegant woman she was and will continue to be in the minds and hearts of all her fans for hundreds of years to come.

     Elizabeth Taylor vs. Jackie Kennedy

Which side will you take?

                                Purity vs. Iniquity

                                                            Love vs. Hate

                                                                                      It's up to you to decide

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  • wow... just... wow. I've never heard someone actually attack Jackie O before. Yeah... what a martyr complex she had. I mean suck it up... you marry into the "perfect" family, your husband perpetually cheats on you while you are living your life under a microscope and expected to be the perfect image of an American housewife, then the back of your husband's head is blown off right next to you. What was her problem??

  • If you're planning on a career in investigative journalism, I suggest you abandon that and just apply for a job at Fox News.
    Because this: "her and Aristotle Onassis planning JFK's assassination" is almost as crazy as "9/11 was an inside job" and "Elvis still lives!"

    Seriously, do you even know what the phrase "critical thinking" means, or do you just spew what Fox and your Republican gods shovel into your mouth?

  • And as a side note, your whole basis for this article is a story you read in the Times of India. Find a better source, and maybe people won't think you wrote this article as an excuse to mention your stupid interview with January Jones again.

  • In reply to jewilson919:

    HA! Zing! Perfect.

  • In reply to jewilson919:

    Thank you totally agree with you, personally you couldn't of put it better for my liking. As for danimalcrackers you need to definably re-think what you've wrote totally unacceptable and a pathetic theory that your actually believe in. no class or dignity!!

  • JFK was most likely shot because he had planned to back the US dollar with silver and end the Federal Reserve scam which costs your country about a trillion dollars a year in interest repayments on a loan that can never be paid of. All for the privilege of using your own money. The other likely candidates are the MIC - those who had the most ability to pull off such a job (and who else had the authority to stand down the national guard that day?)

    Onassis was rich, but I don't think he had the power to stand down the NG, do you?

    Anyway, Jackie was just as busy as JFK banging other people , so it's all much of a muchness .....

    And jewilson, how could the twin towers and building 7 be wired for controlled demolitions by a terrorist organization? It would take months, and that kind of work cannot happen in secret. Ask yourself that question.

    And if you think it's insane that a country would allow itself to be attacked, or to attack itself, google 'operation northwoods' - an NSA paper presented to JFK fifty years ago, and compare the ideas within it to what happened on 9/11. I dare you.

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    ... paid off ... ahem.

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