How to be Successful at Blogging: Lesson #1- The Basics

How to be Successful at Blogging: Lesson #1- The Basics

(These series of articles were written for, and are written by ME in the capacity of their resident Blog Success Coach!)

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Have you ever dreamed of being a featured Newspaper Columnist, but feel that you don't have the necessary accolades and degrees to actually become one?
     Then I do believe that Blogging is for you.
     Your first question is probably this: What is a Blog?
     A Blog is, in essence, your own personal newspaper. You can write articles of any length about any subject that your unlimited imagination can conjure up. That might be a frightening scenario, trying to come up with a premise for your Blog.
     Several websites offer free hosting for Bloggers, and my favorite is, aptly named, Blogger ( They have wonderful services, it's free AND they have such creative ways to design your blog! It's simply wonderful. Of course, you can always just type "Blog" into Google and find your own site, but Blogger is a wonderful place to start.
     It helps, when creating a Blog, to center on a central theme for the Blog. You may like being all-encompassing with your Blog, but it helps to be more centralized with your Blog, so ideas come easier. My Blog, while a bit more all-encompassing than many, is limited to celebrity gossip and political news, along with reviews of books, movies and Television shows.
     Here are a top-five rules that might send you on the straight-and-narrow path to creating a successful Blog that will end up making you money and fulfilling your need to have your opinion heard:

1. Try to come up with a Blog premise that people will enjoy reading
     - This rule isn't meant to stifle your creativity. It is meant to help you. So, that being said, I can now safely say that not every idea for a Blog will be a good one. Try not to make a Blog that includes only personal, inside information that only you and/or your friends will enjoy. People do often enjoy reading about a myriad of varied subjects. These are the ones that I have seen have the most success: celebrities, self-help articles, local events, movie reviews, television recap shows etc...

2. Try out many different ideas before focusing on one category
     - A Blog really is all about trial and error. You have to try writing about many different subjects before you find the niche that perfectly fits your writing style. When I first started writing Blogs, I couldn't focus on what I wanted to do. As much as you like writing about yourself and your daily mundane details of life, many people will find trudging through your blog to be a bore after 5 minutes of that (see next rule.) But then, I started to write Celebrity gossip and people started to read (who weren't just my supportive friends) and I gained a fan base. From there I rolled with the theme, and now I have written some of the most popular Blogs on the web about the Kardashians, Lindsay Lohan and the like.

3. Try at all costs to avoid creating a "Journal" Blog
     - This one may startle you, but I have seen it to be true. Without a central backbone, a journal Blog will fail. People just do not enjoy reading about the little details that make your life wonderful, even though you might enjoy writing about them. If you have to create and write a journal Blog, be sure to includes things that allude to current events of the world, and not just the current events of your life. You may enjoy your life more that others will.

4. Pick a Blog subject that you are passionate about
     - Your passion is your gateway to success. People will love to read about what you're passionate about, no matter what the subject may be. Passion is the number-one reason that your Blog will be successful. If you write with passion and fervor, the fans will follow. And, contrary to popular belief, you can be passionate about every subject, from pigs to pizza, from apples to aardvarks, from zebras to zippers. If you write about your subject with passion, your success will rise every day, until you have hit the pinnacle of passion.

5. Don't be self-conscious about your writing
     - To be a successful Blogger, you don't need to be a Pulitzer-Prize winning author. My 75-year-old grandma could have written a blog, and she hardly wrote a formal piece her entire life! Anyone can Blog, and that is the beauty of the medium! You can hire an editor and spend money, but for the most part, people will forgive a few spelling mistakes and punctuation errors. But you can't edit your passion, which is the main reason people will want to read your Blogs. Once you get self-conscious, your Blogging will suffer. I went through that phase. I did not want to Blog, because I had a fear that my writing wasn't up to snuff and that the "seasoned critics" in the deep recesses of the mighty internet battleship would laugh at me. But you have to silence those fears and doubt. If they start to creep into your head, you have to silence them by saying, "You WILL not intercede between me and my passion." You will find that doubts will cease as long as your passion is standing its full ground.

     With these five rules, I hope I have given you at least a firm basis for starting to think about Blogging.
     It can be great fun, if you know where to start, and that's the best part of all: the journey and every journey must have a beginning!
     So stick your foot out and step on the first cobblestone on the Blogging street and you will find that the journey will make your smile and push you forward into the wonderful world of Blogs, Blogging and Self-Realization.


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