Kim Kardashian's Marriage Will Not Last, Says Brother...AND ME!

Kim Kardashian's Marriage Will Not Last, Says Brother...AND ME!

     Kim Kardashian is living every 16-year-old's dream right now: she has a cushy job, more money than she knows what to do with AND she is now engaged to 26-year-old member of the NBA's New Jersey Nets Kris Humphries. People Magazine reports that Humphries "was waiting in her bedroom on bended knee with four words written in red rose petals: "WILL YOU MARRY ME?"
     According to People, Humphries "popped the question with a custom-designed, 20.5-carat
Lorraine Schwartz diamond sparkler." "I just knew I wanted it to be big,"
says Humphries, who had help planning the surprise from Kim's mother Kris. (Sidebar: How pathetic is that? Asking your girlfriend's mother to help you propose to her daughter?)

     He apparently asked her stepfather's permission first, according to Fox News: "He actually went to Bruce first. He asked Bruce to play golf, and I
thought, "That's odd, why would he want to play golf? I didn't know he
played golf?" They went to play and he asked Bruce, then they came back
and he asked me," Jenner revealed. "It's really such an honor, and he's
such a sweet boy. He makes Kim really, really happy - we're thrilled."


     He has reportedly spent over $20 million on the 20.5-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring he gave to Kim. Anything less than extravagance just isn't accepted in their circles, I guess.

     BUT, everyone is not shining on this parade. Kim's brother, 24-year-old Robert, is reportedly not very optimistic about his sister's engagement.

     "I just don't feel confident because Kim has always been so like, you
know, she's how old? She's just been through a lot of relationships..."
, he is quoted as saying by Rachel Lynn of

     "Smart guy... he knows better than to completely crush Kim Kardashian's
engagement news. He's probably receiving enough Kardashian clan backlash
as it is for his less-than-positive commentary. Plus, he wouldn't want
to be uninvited to Kris Humphries' bachelor party, assuming there is
one" says Rachel Lynn of

     Relationship expert Donna Sozio is also pessimistic about the engagement: "So many women rush to the altar and then realize no magic happened, and
it can be a letdown if we realize the man we thought was Prince
Charming turns out to be more like a stranger," Sozio added. "Rushing is
a risk, sometimes you get lucky - but most of the time, you get


     So you may ask, "What do you have to say about this, Steven." Thank you for asking, friend!

     Kim Kardashian is one of those odd "celebrity" cases. I put celebrity in quotation marks because it is true, she isn't much of a celebrity! What is she known for? A horrible television show, some staid clothing lines and a reputation for (formerly) having an extreme penchant for African-American men. That's, truly, about it.

     So when the news broke that she was finally engaged, I saw otherwise rational people sent into happy spells that this girl, who suffered *SIGH* greatly at the hands of that brute Reggie Bush, had finally found happiness with a poor sap who spent over $20 mil on a ring that she will probably look at twice and then disregard. People were ready to jump into the streets and celebrate the fact that Kim Kardashian had finally found love. WHOOPEE!

     I, however, wanted to vomit.

     You may ask, "Steven- why are you being so pessimistic! This is a happy occasion, you should be happy for Kim!" To which I must reply, "WHY?"

     It's true that my opinion of Kim isn't very high, and it is also true that I hardly give a flying fig about her getting engaged. But I had to chime in my opinion on this charade:

     I simply think that it will not last.

     There, I said it! I agree with Rob, her brother. Kim is too flighty to make a marriage last. That whole section of the family seems to have relationship problems. Her sister Khloe's marriage is almost entirely in the toilet because they chose to publicize their "relationship" with a reality show and her sister Kourtney had a baby with that douchebag Scott Disick, who should be wiped off the face of the earth solely for his crimes against high fashion, but also because he is a horrible whiny bastard who doesn't care that his life is rather good right now.

     Kim will simply get bored with marriage and divorce Kris. She is not the marrying type. She'll go to parties every night and see every hot black item that she missed when she was single, and she will get a certain itch that only another black football player can scratch. Kris will get tired of her philandering and divorce her, if they even get to the alter!

     I don't mean to be a Grinch on this whole thing, but she simply doesn't have the marrying gene in her. She'll get bored of being married and, unlike throwing another $800 handbag in the trash, she won't be able to rid herself of the title of MRS. so easily!

     Plus, she has been hurt so much in the past by men, I'm not surprised she hasn't contemplated going lesbian yet! Reggie Bush walked all over her pretty little face and I can't believe she'd be so will to trust men so fast after all that. But, I guess when you throw a $20 million ring into the picture, Kim's fears had been assuaged.

     If her own brother thinks that she is unable to be married, than who else believes that this whole charade will work? There is not a future of wedded bliss for this girl. Anyone who has been married to ANY pro-basketball player knows that they are not the most faithful kind. Combine that with Kim's smooth philandering and you have a recipe for a nasty celebrity divorce!

     But to goad his whole thing on, I must chide:

     Prove me wrong, Kim and Kris, PROVE ME WRONG!

     I doubt you'll be able to...

      What do you all think? Do you think it will last or will it fizzle like
decade-old Pop Rocks? Comment and weigh your opinion against mine!



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  • Kris Humphries's hands are abnormally, mutant-like, large.

  • mate,i totally agree on u steve..i have just recently started watchn the khadashians for about 3months cos its always on cable here in New Zealand..and i must say i have found it quite intrigued by it all..if theres anyone i feel for,its bruce..but he doesnt seem to have the 'balls' to stand up for himself most do i think kim and kris's marriage will last??? i give it 10-12 months..hes a dickless geek and shes just to into her 'camera lifestyle'

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