Barack Obama thinks it is 2008... Overworked/Under-rested or Liberal Idiocy Syndrome?

Barack Obama thinks it is 2008... Overworked/Under-rested or Liberal Idiocy Syndrome?

"President Obama slipped up when he signed the guest book at Westminster Abbey in London today. Perhaps reminiscing over more exciting times for him, the president mistakenly wrote the date as '24 May 2008.' Above
the date, Mr. Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama wrote, 'It is a great
privilege to commemorate our common heritage, and common sacrifice.' A Westminster Abbey spokesperson confirmed it was indeed Mr. Obama who wrote the wrong date, the Telegraph reports."

obama 2008 sign fail.jpg

     That is what CBS News had to say about "President" Barack Obama's recent flub at Westminster Abbey. This slip-up comes during a "second day of a six-day tour of Europe", according to CBS. "The president and first lady received a tour of Westminster
Abbey this afternoon from the Dean of Westminster, the Very Reverend Dr.
John Hall.
" As far as hard facts go, that is about all I could muster up.


     Now, for my opinion...

     Barack Obama has proven time and time again just how much of a dunderhead he is. But as much as he has proven it, the same amount has been excluded from his record. The Mainstream Media is willing time and time again to forgive this man from doing stupid things. But if it was Former President George W. Bush doing these things, the media would be having a flipping field-day!

     I am sick and tired of Conservatives being signaled out for being dunderheads: George Bush, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter. They have all been touted out before the media and shot, in terms of intelligence. But Liberals tend to elude the media's intelligence grasp. If the media said some of the things they said about Sarah Palin to Michelle Obama, ten-thousand civil rights activists would be on the phones calling for a public lynching.

     But, yet again, Obama gets a "get-out-of-intelligence-jail-free" card and the media goes on to poke and prod more undeserving Republicans.

     Yet this time, people are taking notice. If Barack Obama doesn't know what year it is, Lord knows what else he is screwing up! One wrong word read on a contract or communique and we could be in ANOTHER war, on top of the others we are currently crusading. If Barack Obama thinks it's 2008, where does that put us as a country? The British probably think we're idiots now and they have PROOF. That's the bad part. We can't refute it. Obama did this and now we normal Americans have to take the brunt of them blame for another stupid mistake from out "Commander-in-Dunce."  

     Is this just be passed off as a minor fluke, or is it a symptom of a greater, and more frightening, virus?

     In the examining Obama's stupidity, I have coined a term that encompasses Liberalism and its minute AND major stupidity: Liberal Idiocy Syndrome. Barack Obama's next autobiography should be entitled this. His presidency should sport this as its tagline. Because it is perfect! Obama's, and every other Liberal like him, stupidity has the chance to destroy our country.

     You may think I'm overreacting with this analysis of a small mistake, but think again. Minute mistakes often are the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what other major things Obama is screwing up behind our back?

      I believe the media should devote time to examining every Liberal's mistakes, in the hopes that everyone who sees those analyses will see that Liberalism in America is like a cow at a wedding: it is unneeded and unwanted, and just...plain...STUPID!


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